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Originally Posted by gerudon View Post
Yeah, why don't you just spam a WoW style "lol l2p!!112", if you don't plan to post something useful?

what usefull i sayed at beginning it happend to me to befor i know there was somethink new now i only change my taktik to fight nevh gar ship on longer range attak him first and ignore the raptor and fight him with perm buffs says all what increase res.
+ remove borg console to other slot in cure space and put additional armorplate in.

so aux2sif+HE + epts+,.... all what gives res to shild+hull that gives me the ability to get low dmg and can not be killed.

in the past i attak this ship normally and only use healbuffs if i am near down now i use it earlier.

and not fight raptor + nevh gar ship at once so befor you kill sphere 2 dont stay in center nevhgar spawns always on left side and raptor on right so i switch to left side befor i blow the sphere 2 so nevhgar ship spawns near 8 km to me and raptor 14km away so i can easy finish out the nevh gar and make later solo the raptor in the past i fight both at once now its risk to die.

and most importend fight nevh gar ship solo if 2 or 3 player kill the sphere and nevhgar ship spawn and make iso you get killed about isometric jumps if you fight solo you get only the first low hitting strike.

all that grants me a kill navh gar ship and not diiing.

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Once i saw a Negh'Var 1 shot Kang, it also happened to several players i know, but didn't happen since a long time afaik.
Once i was flying right near an Eng Oddy in a buffer Excelsior (AHCR) w/ Maco mk 12 x2/Assimilated Borg x2 ... a Negh'Var spawned near us and straight away 1 shot'd the Oddy then 2 seconds max later 1 shot'd me.

Also, i am not counting the number of times i've been 1 shot by Cubes and Gates before i finally learned the hard way to never shoot at them/not awake them (cubes) and stay in safe 9 to 10km zone (gates).

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