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08-28-2012, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by tmune View Post
Is that not super squishy?

Would Omega+Gambling Device not be safer albeit slighty lower but not by much critz?
One would think...but it seems the regular amours only offer you protection against one or two more shots in STFs, so...

A strategy that works for me is I act as a "hammer" while the rest of the team acts as an "anvil" I keep myself ready to exploit at all times. and between that, the gambling device and my toon in question being specked for ground crit, it works quite well...
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08-29-2012, 01:24 AM
I mainly play KDF but being this Omega set is a cross faction set for ground. I think the devs need to seriously rework this set because the adapting from the omega gun is way too fast and in most cases you can't really use it adequately to benefit a team.

If they can't change the adapting mechanics to make it not adapt so much they need to add in a proc for it to remodulate itself or something to that degree because its rare you ever see anyone use that set other than just out to collect both sets space and ground just to have them.

This is just my opinion the Omega Set to balance it out should have a proc that auto remodulates and instead of an instant remod every 10 seconds to create a different function/skill that promotes a team usage of it because most teams are mixed of fed/kdf these days from the ones I run. I was thinking possibly a not so heavy PSG/Health heal for a team instead so you still have your remodulation that should proc quickly enough to use the gun to make it effective but to make it the set worthwhile to feel like a set you may want to use for a team which also would greatly help out especially if you want to take someone who is on a toon that doesn't have an auto remodulator from maco/khg and may also be an answer for not making it feel like chicken and egg issue where you gotta get the set to play the mission but then when you get the set you don't have a purpose to continue to play the stfs HEH.

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