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08-29-2012, 11:23 AM
Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
Sadly the potential fix did not accomplish what we wanted, do we're back to the drawing board on this. Sorry guys.
I'll admit I have no idea about IT at all, so I may sound noobish and provide only vague suggestions, but although I believe this is a major issue, it wasn't as prominent before Season 6 went live.

Not sure if you've seen this, but I even started a thread with comparison screenshots - the same map on Holodeck (pre-S6) and on Tribble (S6-test) -

It was also me who created this particular thread (Archived Post) and although I can't say when the issue was gone for me, I didn't experience it for quite some time and thought you've fixed it (still using the same GeForce GTX 460, no change for me in neither hardware nor software). Ever since S6 launch though it still persists again...

It's like zerobang's saying - try looking into the previous code, as even though it might have not been fixed for ALL players, it was definitely better for SOME of us before S6.

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