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Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
To be fair, I did say some. And it's okay that you agree with the change.

But when I said overreacting, I was referring to the more vocal ones (which makes it hard to tell if they're justified in their annoyance, or doing it for no reason). I know people have their reasons, but seriously, the level of anger/hate/whatever the vocal ones express, they make it sound like it's much more terrible than it is...

And I can't stand that.

Which is ironic, I know, considering I frequent these forums, heh heh.
I am being vocal because the very initial system of how we obtained these DOFFs was flawed and caused this cascading spiral of events that we are in now. Because they chose to take a cheap and easy road to allow us access to the Fleet DOFFs (random packs) it has caused all of these issues.

From the get go, the Fleet DOFFs combined with the DOFF grinder were a recipe for disaster. Fleet DOFFs should have been purchasable from a DOFF store layout (e.g. Ferra and S'tass) and the DOFF grinder should carry a dilithium tax. But that would have required UI and Programming time to set up the new DOFF stores. They could have even been attached to the Security, Science, and Operations contacts on our Fleet Starbases to make those more worthwhile.

Then said Fleet DOFFs would have been a reward for Fleet Credits (intended purpose) and not "filler" for Starbase Projects, EC generators, and dilithium generators (unintended purpose). In addition, they could have charged more for them if we got to choose (I would have been happy to pay 10x more). Said Fleet DOFFs could have been bound like the Ferra, S'tass and STF Doffs and thus they would not be able to be altered via the DOFF grinder. They could have also flagged them as unique so you can only have one of each. Finally, they could have flagged them like the level progression packs where those DOFFs are bound but can also be slotted in Fleet Projects.

Taking the time and doing the Fleet DOFFs like this would have afforded Cryptic more control over them and would have alleviated all the subsequent issues we have now. Instead they went with a random lottery box which had the unintended consequences and ramifications we are seeing now.

Dismissing DOFFs for dilithium was not an issue until the system became overloaded with the "uncontrolled" Fleet DOFFs. I understand that it would have taken dev time and money to make this system correctly, but now how much time has been taken fixing the issue and was it still "cheaper" even factoring in now the level of frustration among the playerbase?

The easy road is not always the best road and now we will face issues of imbalances in Starbase Progression because I am sure the numbers for Dilithium generation they gathered for the fleet system accounted for generating dilithium via DOFF dismissal. So that will require changes.

My recommendation (and it will never happen) is for Cryptic take this as a lesson learned and start over.
  • Leave the current Fleet DOFFs in play they will disappear from the system.
  • Pull the Fleet DOFF packs down ASAP
  • Build the appropriate stores and UI with the safe guards (flags)
    • Flagged like DOFFs from leveling packs
    • Flagged as unique
    • Flagged as bound
    • Cost increased 10x in balance with free choice of which hones you want
  • Relaunch the Fleet DOFF stores with DOFF prices increased
  • Add in a dilithium cost to the DOFF grinder say 50
  • Change the dilithium rewards of DOFF dismissal to something more reasonable so you are not gaining anything by breaking them down say:
    • Common = 20 - Calculated as 60/3
    • Uncommon = 60 - Calcualted as 180/3
    • Rare = 180 - Calculated as 540/3
    • Very Rare = 540
    • Thus breaking a Very Rare Doff to three rares that you dismiss gives you a net dilithium loss (180 x 3)-50 = 490 < 540 thus making the DOFF grinder only useful for obtaining random DOFFs for Starbase Projects
    • The price for Very Rares goes up slightly (+40) but that is offset by the decrease for rares (-70), uncommons (-90), and commons (-55) for a net of 40 - 215 = -175
  • If DOFFs remain the main crunch for Starbase Projects I would recommend exploring and implementing the following IN ORDER.
    • Offering DOFF mini-packs from a set of daily story missions
    • Offering DOFFs and or mini-packs for current repeatable missions
    • Slightly altering the cooldowns of the current DOFF generating missions

If they do this now, it will save them the effort of re-balancing the entire Fleet Starbase System (which they just spent months making).

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