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I've filed a support ticket for this a while ago, but nobody seemed to notice...

Anyway, there's a problem with the Jupiter uniform set ... when you put rank pips on the Jupiter uniform of a male character, little white dots, roughly a pixel or so in size, in a roughly circular pattern.

Here are two "dots" I managed to catch, on the same uniform:
(I circled them in green for greater emphasis. Those circle's aren't there in game. )

I think I've heard this problem on the forums from posts years back (before I got the game), and while somewhere it seemed that the problem got solved, by the time I bought the Jupiter set it had returned. Am I the only one with this problem? If not, is there any way to solve it? (Besides have your males wear a different uniform ) Or do the developers have to do that? (It really shouldn't take that long to fix.)

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