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# 1 Recon Sci Build thoughts
08-29-2012, 12:44 PM
I have a science captian that I'm trying to make into a status effect dealer.

I am currently using the Recon Science Vessell and will upgrade it to the fleet version when the lvl. 2 shipyard is completed for my fleet.

Fore Weapons:
-Phased Poloron (Mk XI)
-Harpanq Torpedo (Mk XI)
-Phased Poloron (Mk XI)

Rear Weapons:
-Phased Poloron (Mk XI)
-Chroniton Flux (Mk XI)
-Phased Poloron (Mk XI)




-Scorpion Fighters
-Aux Battery
-????? (Changed as needed)

Tactial Consoles:
-Phaser Point Defence System
-Polaron Phase Modulator (Mk XI rare)
-Polaron Phase Modulator (Mk XI rare)

Engineering Consoles:
-Transwarp Computer
-Subspace Jumper

Science Consoles:
-Field Generator (MK XI rare)
-Sensor Probes (Mk XI rare)
-Flow Capacitor (Mk XI rare)
-Particle Generator (MK XI rare)

Bridge Officer Skills:
-Commander Science = GWIII, VMII, TraRup I, Sci Tm I
-L. Comander Scie = TyknRft II, TachBeam II, HazEmitt I
-L. Engineer = RevShdPol I, Em2Aux I
-L.Tac = AttPatBeta1, FAW 1
-E.Tac = TacTeam1

Duty Officers (Various Qualities)
-Energy Weapons Officer
-Systems Engineer
-Delfector Officer
-Sensors Officer
-Gravimetric Scientist

And personal skills are maxed as much as possible to help with the differnt effects.

Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions?
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# 2
08-29-2012, 02:20 PM
You should equip the Sub Space Modulator in your extra device slot (+34 All Damage resistance for 15 seconds, -400 proton resistance for 15 seconds, and +15 Defense for 15 seconds).

I'd replace the Transwarp console with with the Assimilated Module which gives you better criticals, +5 to weapons, +5.1 to Hull repair, and +22.9 to Graviton Generators. When paired with the Jem'hadar Deflector Dish you'd get a nice boost to Graviton Generators. I suppose you could switch back to Transwarp computer when not in combat but that would be up to you.

You'll get another tact console slot with the fleet version of the ship put another polaron console in it.

I don't know how you plan on doing your skill points so this all I can tell you for now.
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# 3
08-29-2012, 03:12 PM
the one thing I recommend for this build is a feedback pulse as FBP combined with RSP is lethal to anything with high DPS (dual cannons)
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# 4
08-29-2012, 08:02 PM
i'd lose sensor probes put point defense there and add another polaron mod
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