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08-25-2012, 12:52 AM
Know thy enemy,,, watch out boys and girls James Bond is about. Or is that me just thinking bad about people,,,

Don't matter to me I'm on ignore lol
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Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
I think this post can now be closed as the op has returned to his old fleet. Also recommend close before someone says something too close to the bone.
If the OP would like to request closure, that can be arranged
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Originally Posted by totallyrolled View Post
Thanks for the vote of confidence horizon. But Talon never runs away in the right team setting. You gotta notice the keywords here RIGHT TEAM SETTING. I guess we will always disagree on what setting it is okay for the ganked escort to run in though. You always say running is never helpful to the team. Heck I personally think sometimes breaking up those 5 man premades in a chase can sometimes be good for the team and give the pugs a fighting chance since it breaks up the crossheal factor.

There is one situation I still admit I run in. Usually occurs when our team is giving out no heals. I have just been nuked, DANOOB tractored Viral matrix etc... I have no shields and 3 escorts coming at me. Last time I checked that would cause some of the best escort players in the game survival instinct's to kick in.

I would also add what about bop's? A ship designed to strike and RUN in 90 percent of it's setups.

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You also run in 1v1's, does that mean you dont have the right setup for that either?
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Originally Posted by ilhansk View Post
It is you.

German sounds beautiful, non-threatening and totally non-harsh.

Here an example:
take this example for the lovely sound of the german language...
(it is a mix of french and german. but i believe, you will recognize the german language parts)

i love this joke, even though i am german, or maybe because i am german

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