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08-30-2012, 08:31 AM
im new to STO so i dunno about voicing my opinion, but im a massive fan of sci-fi in general and from my Perspective the KDF are throwing a fit that the feds got carriers... and the feds are whining that the KDF carriers/deployables are superior... but to be honest the federation should have had them from the start with the KDF, and why do you ask i would make this statement... well for two reasons... First of all.. we humans build Aircraft naval Carriers right now so it would only be logical to assume that one of us.. or the many member worlds would have thought to design one at some point for space warfare secondly... you may which to think back to all the other startrek games and novels that you've read that have referenced federation Carriers in the past... and i would assume that during the dominion wars in DS9 that those federation fighters were being carried by something

however... and there is allways a however, a game needs balance, every faction needs to have the same capabilities up to a point...( a perfect example that comes to mind is the Race balancing in another Sci-fi MMO where each race specalizes in its own types of weaponry like lasers,projectiles,railguns,drones,missiles) but the strengths of those weapons can be varied, i think Cryptic needs to step back and think... this is what the feds are like and what they should be good at based on how technology evolved in the federation, this is what the KDF is like (and any extra factions added later) and design the vessels accordingly

for example it is a well known fact that Klingon armor/hull is far superior, but in equal balance federation shield generators are more developed

i would 'like' to state that the klingons should have superior carrier technology as a balancing mechanism to the federation... but honestly do we know how long the klingons have been working with this technology... because we humans have been doing it for what... 506 years(i think thats right... 1903->2409)

On a side note... usually when a technology is invented is eventually wanders outside of the hands its to be used by... so perhaps look at it as the intelligence divisions of each faction are actually doing their jobs and not just sitting around with their coffee/raktajino n donuts/Gagh.... i mean dont the KDF have phonics & andriod DO/BOs... that would mean they got their paws on the specs for the mobile emitter and a good scan of lore, data 1 or data 2(b4) anyway.. hope i dont make anyone mad lol n have fun in this awesome game ^^;
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It is a fairly interesting argument. As an owner of all the carriers on both sides I can say that while yes the Kar'fi has some very nice and heavy hitting frigates, and the BOPs I thought at the time were kinda BS, you need to see the balance.

KDF has the powerful and wide variety of heavily armed deployables, but the Kar'fi it self often gets singled out in PvP strictly because it is fairly light-weight and lacks mechanics to seriously tank or survive.

Now lets compare the Atrox. Ok. Firstly, you all need to stop the hate on the ship, its beautiful and very versatile and powerful. So it doesn't look like the Enterprise. THAT'S A GOOD THING. Enough of you fan boys running around with ship names like the Defant, Enterprize, Enterprizze, Enterprice (yea for real hang out at DS9 you'll see 4-5 an hour). I mean I applaud the Devs for bringing back the Caitians and Ferasians, They were probably some of the best characters of the era they were introduced (Introduced in Star Trek : The animated series, as well as a cameo appearance in Star trek IV, an admiral was a Caitian). But appearance aside, and hopefully your fantasy racism aside. This behemoth can tank as well as serve a huge sci support role. And with Choices like stalkers that wipe out shields and power levels, Runabouts that tractor and CC heavily (Seriously go take a barrage from these things), Delta flyers that not only help to drain shields but use transphasics that no matter what send 40%+ damage through the shields. I mean honestly, I love the ship. And compared to the Kar'fi, its more versatile and powerful with all things being considered.

I sincerly hope actually they bring out more Caitian and Ferasian ships, not to mention more carriers for fed...sorry KDF, you do have enough. But end of the day people really need to see the trade offs. Fed Atrox has a larger support role and can do wonderfully in any situation, The escort carrier, oh come now, this is OP, I love mine, a powerful T5 escort with 6 Danube's or Deltas? How can you not top out DPS?

Kar'fi, great frigates, interesting ability, overall a mean glare and it explodes. The Vo'qou, tough and rugged space Winnebago that's only real claim to fame is the 4 BoPs. Other than that slow, cumbersome, and again not exactly Fort Knox.

So it is balanced in my opinion. Now will you find masters to be the exceptions? Of course, but pound for pound Feds have it.

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