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Frankly, I don?t know why anyone would enjoy playing a Science Ship in PVE; especially in an STF or Fleet Action. Science Vessels simply can?t compete with how well Escorts and Cruisers deal with the enemy AI.

Please Cryptic; please take a look at the Science abilities! In my humble opinion the abilities should be pooled into these categories.

(Enhanced by Particle Generators)

Tachyon Beam should De-Buff Shield energy damage resistance. It currently damages shield facings?
Charged Particle Burst should AOE De-Buff Shield energy Damage Resistance. It currently causes damage to the shields.
Feedback Pulse should damage the first thing it hits, normally this would be shields. Don?t divide damage.
Transfer Shield Strength works just fine and is a soft counter to the above two de-buffs.
Hazard Emitters Should Clear Tachyon Beam De-Buff or Charged Particle Burst De-Buff from target now as well.
Photonic Officer Works fine as is.

Holds/Repels & counter
(Enhanced by Graviton Generators) (resistance added by inertial dampeners)

Tractor Beam Works fine in PVE but could be a bit stronger in PVP.
Tractor Beam Repulse work fine in PVE.
Gravity well works fine in PVE as a hold.
Polarize hull plating works fine in PVE and PVP.
Photonic Shock wave should AOE repel and also deal kinetic damage that is not resisted by shields.

(Enhanced by Countermeasures) (resistance added by Sensors)

Jam target Sensors should reduce targets accuracy by de-buffing its targets Targeting
Sensors Skill.
Scramble Sensors should be the AOE of Jam target Sensors above. De-buffing all AOE affected targets.
Viral Matrix works fine.
Mask Energy Signature, This ability would be more useful if it did exactly what Jam Sensors does now.
Science Team should clear all Confuse & Placate affects over duration.

Power Drains
(Enhanced by Flow Capacitors) resistance added by Power insulators)
Energy Siphon works fine in PVE
Tykens rift works fine in PVE

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