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Has anyone built one? if so any suggestions on a build? I'm thinking for STFs where shields arent as much an issue.

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08-30-2012, 11:19 AM
I have. Though this build only works for STFs where the targets are either stationary or their location and movement are predictable

Fore: 3 Quantums
Aft 3 Tetryon Turrets

TT1, Torp Spread II
HEI, TSS2, Grav Well I, Grav Well III
TSS1, HE2, Tykens II

I sometimes switch Grav well III with Tykens III, but change the consoles to match as well

2 Quantum COnsoles
4 Particle Generators (or Flow Caps)
Neutronium Alloy, Borg Console, and I forget what else...

2 Advanced Delta Flyers

Works really well as long as youre on a team. The Deltas help with getting shileds down and then you can stack really large yellow numbers on top of an enemy very quick

You need a purple torpedo doff and a blue one as well to make this work. Otherwise go photons. But I fire one otpedo after another in most cases.
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08-30-2012, 11:35 AM
I did, Subspace jump works wonders to help you get into firing arc. Then tractor beam pets to keep target in your arc. Although it?s hardly a great setup.

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