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While I was reading various threads, I was remembering a few different discussions on what Pay to Win is concerened in STO.. And that is the Zen Store. Anything that you can buy from the Zen Store is considered Paying to Win.

And that made me wonder.. What if there was a tournament or League based set up where the only ships allowed were:

Hegh'ta Bird of Prey

Blockade Escort
Advanced Escort
Qin Heavy Raptor

Recon Science Vessel
Deep Space Science Vessel

Star Cruiser
Assault Cruiser

Battle Cruiser:
Vor'cha Battle Cruiser Retrofit

Vor'quv Carrier

Other ships that could be added could be:

Hoh'sus Bird of Prey (200,000 Fleet Marks)

Escort Retrofit (200,000 Fleet marks)
Scourge Destroyer Retrofit (200,000 Fleet marks)
Somraw Raptor Retorfit (200,000 Fleet marks)
Aquarius Destroyer (200,000 Fleet marks)

Research Science Vessel Retrofit (200,000 Fleet marks)
Science Vessel Retrofit (200,000 Fleet marks)

Heavy Cruiser Retrofit (200,000 Fleet marks)
Odyssey Star Cruiser (200,000 Fleet marks)

Flight Deck Cruiser:
Corsair Flight Deck Cruiser (200,000 Fleet marks)

Battle Cruiser:
K'tinga Battle Cruiser Retrofit (200,000 Fleet Marks)
Bortas Heavy Cruiser (200,000 Fleet marks)


After the ship limit the obvious limit is also that of anything that came from, or comes from either the Zen store Directly, or from Currency that the Zen Store objects provide. (Lobi Crystals for example) With Doffs being the exception since you can aquire Doffs from the game it's self with out relying on the Zen Store at all.

The Idea behind this would be to see if any of us truelly are as good as we think we are when we take away the toys we have started to get attached to and start to use things that we can't just hand Perfect world Entertainment a load of cash, or trade in Dilithium for those paid for points and get our "pay to win" in order to improve our capabilities in game.

Of course it would all be for fun. And This is just an Idea, not one that I personally could run or host due to Real life obsticles and what not. But I figured I'd throw this Idea out there to see how many of us even like the Idea and if anyone in the PVP community would be up to the task of hosting something like this, weither it's a one time Tournament with some fancy prize at the end, or a Longer duration League where the best team or teams at the end get some prize, or at least reconnition for being the best.

A 1v1 Tournament or League with the above ship limitations is also plausable as well.

So.. What do you all think?
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