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Ok so im a VA tac in a Heavy Escourt Carrier.

Sometimes I get bored with mad high DPS and I want to buy a Regent in 3 weeks (when i have enough zen).
I want this ship to be something i hop into just for a laugh, especially if I can supprise people with how well I do in STFs running an oddball ship.

Last night I tried all STF elites using a mirror assault cruiser running rainbow turrets with cannon boff powers and was supprised how it was able to hold its own.

So here is my build idea, I would appreciate any off the wall suggestions on how to make this a good laugh.

U.S.S Skittles, Regent Class

ensign tac| tac team I

universal - Tac lieutenant| Tac team I, Cannon scatter volley I

lieutenant commander tac| Torpedo spread I, Attack Pattern Beta ,Cannon scatter volley II

lieutenant engineering| power to weapons I, engineering team II

commander engy| power to shields I, aux to structural I, extend shields II, reverse polarity III

Fore Weapons: All MK XII Borg|2* AP Turrets, 2* Dis Turret, special quantum launcher
Aft Weapons: All MK XII Borg|1* Phaser Turret, 2* Tet Turret, 1* Pol Turret.
Console Modifications:
Tactical:2* Console - Tactical - Prefire Chamber, Metreon Gas Canisters
Engineering: EPS Flow Regulator,Neutronium Alloy,Ablative Hull Armour, tetraburnium alloy
Science:2* field generator

(Am willing to equipp all 1 type of turret but rainbow always makes me giggle)

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