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08-31-2012, 11:41 AM
Welp, it is sad that the game was more fun then it has become reciently.

The Idea is really just that, an Idea. Was more hoping it might spark something from some one else then my self personally. I mean sure I could come up with rules for a tournament that could be fun, but I have no way to run such a thing, or provide any prizes.

Ah well, judgeing by the lack of responses so far in this thread I guess it must have been a pretty stupid Idea. And it seems safe to assume that most PVPers are not willing to go back to the good ole days of no Pay to Win = Zen Store Ships, Grief to win Consoles, and other goodies they got off the Zen store. Either by Dilithium Grinding, or shelling out the money from their own Pocket.

And besides, I doubt anyone would like the Rules I'd come up with for a tournament.. they'd look something like this:

Team Make up
5v5, 4v4, 3v3, or 2v2: Any (Feds and Klingons could team together)

Edit 1: Teams submitted would be required to provide at least Half that team's amount in Alternates. Up to a maximium of the Team's Maximium amount. Teams signed up would not have to sign up the characters being used, only the @ names. (For example: In a 2v2 Tournament, each team would need at least 1 Alternate, but could provide up to 2 Alternates.)

Gear Limitations:
No Zen Store based Weapons, Shields, Deflectors, Engines, Consoles, or Consumables (This includes the Red Matter Capaciter)
No M.A.C.O., Klingon Honor Guard, Omega, or Assimilated Borg Sets.
Edit 2: The only Pets useable for the Vor'quv or the Corsair Retrofit would be Bird of Prey, To'Duj, Shield Repair Drones, Siphon Pods, or Slavers. (Note: if the Corsair Retrofit does come with their Zen Store Pet counterparts, then those would be allowable on the Corsair Retrofit only) Pets can be any Energy Credit, Dilithium Store, or Fleet Store based Pets.

All Doffs are allowed.

All matches would be to 15 kills, Best 2 out of 3. (In the case of an odd Tie, a new match would start at Sudden Death, First team to get a kill wins)
To prevent Cloak "Griefing" 30 Minute Time Limit between each match. Each match would have 2 Spectators (one each team) to enforce the Time limit, and no team may stay cloaked longer then 2 minutes at a time for Re-grouping purposes. Time would start when both team signal "Ready".
Each team would also be granted 2 60 Second Time outs. The time outs would be useful for if some one had to go AFK for an emergency reason, or got Disconnected. If a time out got called, both teams would stop fighting and go to a Neutral Location no further then 20km away from each other.

Edit 3: Between matches, substitutions can be made from anyone on that team's list of Alternates. Teams would not have to be Even teams provided both teams can agree on those terms. (For example, if both teams were comprised of 5 players, and one had to drop due to IRL, both teams could then agree on a different makeup for the next and following games. Such as 5v4, 4v4, etc..)

If in League format, Wins would be worth 2 Points, Losses would be worth 0, if a Tie were to happen it would be worth 1 point. The League would run till each team had played each other Twice and then go to the "Post" season in a sudden death of the Top X Teams. (X would Depend on how many teams were involved, and would always be an Even number.)

Bridge officer Power Limitations:
None (Unless A combination of BO and/or Doffs was found to be "OP" and deserving removal)

Ship Limitations:

Dilithium Limited Ships:

Hegh'ta Bird of Prey

Blockade Escort
Advanced Escort
Qin Heavy Raptor

Recon Science Vessel
Deep Space Science Vessel

Star Cruiser
Assault Cruiser

Battle Cruiser:
Vor'cha Battle Cruiser Retrofit

Vor'quv Carrier

Fleet mark Ships:

Hoh'sus Bird of Prey

Escort Retrofit
Scourge Destroyer Retrofit
Somraw Raptor Retorfit
Aquarius Destroyer

Research Science Vessel Retrofit
Science Vessel Retrofit

Heavy Cruiser Retrofit
Odyssey Star Cruiser

Flight Deck Cruiser:
Corsair Flight Deck Cruiser

Battle Cruiser:
K'tinga Battle Cruiser Retrofit
Bortas Heavy Cruiser

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Think about this:
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