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08-31-2012, 03:19 PM
I rarely complain about changes, but this one takes the cake. Reducing the dilith by such a huge amount just lost a lot of money for PW, and is pretty short-sighted.

It's been clear they want to drive the dilithium prices up (the more it costs in Zen, the more they make as people convert Zen to Dilith to do fleet projects). But here's the catch - I no longer will be going through nearly the amount of DOffs. And the amount I spend on DOffs is a lot. And I will not be buying Zen just to convert to dilith with the new, low low low exchange rate for them.

I already have a few million fleet credits, but was still contributing. Now, I will just be done with the Fleet system.

It's funny, because just a few weeks ago I also went from a Day 1 subscriber (even though I didn't play much for the first year), to F2P after the snafu with signing up for the 3 month "deal" a few weeks ago - there was some error that prevented me taking the deal, so I unsubbed so I could re-sub, and the error persisted. PW was no help when I contacted them (just sent me a copy/paste answer where they didn't even read what I said). And I discovered, once I bought the credit cap increase that I needed nothing else that a paid sub offered. So no more sub money, no more Zen - all in the same month.

PW, I'm one of the most dedicated players who doesn't complain much, but you've lost me as a subscriber and now a purchaser of DOffs in the past month. Since you won't give us higher DOff storage limits, and I have almost 400 purple DOffs, you have taken away every last reason I had to spend any money. I'll still play - but for free, and the 1000's of zen per month I was spending just went to 0. This is not a good long term business model for you when you drive your "whales" from buying up a storm to 0 in a month.

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