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# 1 Fleet Recon Science Build
08-31-2012, 03:57 PM

Playing as a Science Captain

Front Weapons:
1 Dual Beam Bank Anti-Proton MK 11 [Acc] [Ctrd] [Dmg]
2 Beam Array Anti-Proton Arrays MK 11 2x [Ctrd] [Dmg]

Rear Weapons:
3 Beam Array Anti-Proton Arrays MK 11 2x [Ctrd] [Dmg]

Ship Systems:
MACO Shields
MACO Engine
MACO Deflector

Device Slots:
Subspace Field Modulator
Red Matter Capacitor
Final slot changes depending on Mission

Engineering slots:
2 Neutronium Alloys MK X1

Science Consoles:
Assimilated Console
2 Particle Generators MK 11
Shield Emitter Array MK 12

Tactical Consoles:
4 Anti-Proton Mags Mk 11

Power Settings: (still Experimenting here)
80 Weapons
35 Shields
35 Engines
50 Aux
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08-31-2012, 11:38 PM
For my build, I use this on STFs. I'm a Fed Joined Trill engineer btw.

Base power:
100 Weapons (119 usually)
40 Shields (61 usually)
30 Engines (58 usually)
30 Aux (60 usually)

MK XII MACO Deflector
Borg Transwarp Engines
Borg Console
(I like having some of the MACO & Borg powers handy like auto regeneration)

Sci Consoles: Theta Radiation Vent console, MK XII Blue Emitter Array, MK XII Blue Shield Emitter Amplifier, MK XI Purple Particle Generator
Eng Consoles: Borg Console, MK XI Blue Neutronium Armor
Tac Consoles: 4x MK XII Blue Antiproton Mag Regulators

At one point, I only used 3 MK XII Antiproton Mag regulators & had the Theta Radiation console in the 4th tac slot so I could place the Gravaton Generator console but I decided above is better. More available DPS the better.

Fore Weapons
1 MK XII QTorp launcher (Borg), 1 MK XI Antiproton Single Cannons (Borg), 1 Dual Beam MK XI Antiproton beam array (Borg)

Aft Weapons
2 MK XI Antiproton Turrets (Borg), 1 MK XI Harpeng Torp launcher

BOFF layout:
Ens Tac: TT1
Lt Tac: HYT1, CRF 1
Eng Lt: ET 1, EPtS 2
Lt Cmd Sci: PH 1, TTS 2, HE 3
Cmd Sci: HE 1, ST 2, TB Repulses 1, GW 3

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