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as title says, I'm looking to make a repair ship hopefully something that with 1 character build I can flip from PvE to PvP.

I am a new player who only started STO about 5 days ago, and while I recently hit RA with my Tactical, I just spent the zen to open up 2 more character slots to give me some options.

Looking for the assistance in one place, without having to search through threads that have mostly become archived, and hopefully without a mega-ton of acronyms I can only partially puzzle out.

Let's call it no higher than a Commander for ship, but recommendations for a VA in terms of character skills, so I know how I'm building my PC. I can always go and read other guides to get my RA/VA level of ship with BOffs and DOffs, but I find that the early game is non-existant.

You may ask why I'm looking for such "newbie" ship suggestions, and the answer is because I level how I plan to play end-game. This means I am fully practiced in what I'm doing, the only changes is I'll gain a few extra skills, and the size of the heals (or dps should I be a dps type).

Edit: I'm also not looking for "well equip BORG this, and MACO that", keep it simple and relatively cheap. As I stated, Im only 5 days into STO so I don't exactly have millions of EC, and thousands of dilithium laying around to grab ultra high end gear.

Edit 2: I already made the character, and I used a few zen goodies to quickly be ready to perform as a healer. Science captain, with the following passives:
Efficient Captain (+15 Warp Core Efficiency)
Elusive (for the dodge)
Warp Core Theorist (+10 warp core potential & +10 starship electro plasma)
Resilient (+5 physical damage & +5 all energy damage resistance) for ground team healing

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My favorite Heal-boat as they are called was the Nebula Class

LT Tactical: Tactical Team I / Attack Pattern Delta

Why? Tactical Team helps with maintaining healthy shields and it removes tactical de-buffs. With two rare Conn duty officers you can have an uptime of 15 seconds on this ability alone. *
-Attack pattern delta de-buffs your attackers while buffing your own defenses. It can be used on yourself or a friendly target.

Lt Commander Engineer: Emergency power to shields I, Emergency Power to Auxiliary II, Aux-SIF-II

Lt Engineer universal: Emergency power to shields I, Emergency power to Auxiliary II

Why? Emergency power to shields is simply necessary to keep your shields up and healthy. If you Cycle EPTS and EPTA you can have both up at all times. This means extra shield power and resistance and extra auxiliary power during the entire battle. By using EPTA first in the chain, your EPTS will heal more shields on every use. It is also best to Key Bind these with your weapons so that they are always casting. If you are really smart, you will also key bind distribute shields to the same button.

Aux-SIF is a nice hull heal for self or ally and damage resistance buff.

Commander Science: Hazard emitters-I, Tractor Beam repulse-I, Transfer Shield Strength III,

Ensign Science: Science Team-I

Why, Science team you will use sparingly to clear a science de-buff now and again. Hazard emitters are a hull heal and damage reduction buff that can be used on self or ally. Transfer Shield Strength is shield duration heal and damage resistance buff that can be used on self or ally. I suggested tractor beam repulsers because you can clear trash from an friendly target.

Anyway, that is what I suggest for a decent heal-boat. There are probably better but that is one of my favorite to play.
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When you say healing ship, I assume you mean a ship that can heal other players, and not a tank?

The abilities you want to look at the most?

Engineering Team: It's a large flat hull heal that can be used on your self or a friendly that not be reduced or disabled. It will also allow you remove a few things that disable ship abilities. Even when you your self are disabled.
Auxiliary to Structural: A hull heal and hull damage resistance buff that is affected by auxiliary power settings. Cycling twice as fast as a engineering team this also has the advantage of not sharing a cooldown with a engineering team.
Hazard Emitters: Function much like 'auxiliary power to structural' with two exceptions. First, It regenerates hull instead of flatly healing it. Second, it clears plasma or shield DoTs. Which is very helpful when fighting the borg. I strongly suggest this ability if no other, even with it's much longer cooldown. It also has a separate cooldown from ET and TSS.
Transfer Shield Strength: This is just plain useful to have. Aside from a flat shield heal, shield regeneration bonus that can target your self or a friendly? It will reduce the damage shields take.
Tactical Team: This ability is a must for any build. While it clears boarding parties, assorted other tactical related debuffs, and gives small bonus to weapons damage? The real reason to have this for your self or to use on a friendly? It will very quickly and automatically refocusing shield facings to where it's needed. For a healing this is a must because it means you can give your target the ability to use every shield point they have to defend them selves. Rather then the points that have on a single facing.

I neglect to touch on science teams. While it is useful, as a heal the abilities you'll be using the most are hull heals. Simple because most players can look after their shield much faster and better then you. Which means you will be using tactical and engineering teams extensively. As all three team share a single cool down that doesn't leave much time to use all three. It's better to focus on only having or two team abilities at a time.

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the only "heal" ship what exist in the game is the kdf varanus.

if you talk about heal skills itself is have not to do with ship itself only skills what you decide to use, like emergency energy to shild or hazzard emitters and co, and this skills you can use with all ingame ships.

and retro borg set itself have passiv healup skills says it heals you if you get dmg itself, and its for free cost no mil of EC or Dil like you say.

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