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09-01-2012, 10:20 AM
You guys are missing the point. If you buy Zen and convert it to Dilitium, YOU CAN ALREADY DO THAT, and guess what, its way cheaper than what the OP propose! Check it out:

Overall, IIRR, if you donate 1 dilitium to your fleet, you get 1 fleet mark, right?

Well, then it means you CAN buy 1000 Fleet marks, but not for 1000 Zen.

If he exchange is around 150 to 1, you can buy those by turning in 1000 Dilitium, which is worth about 7 Zen.

1 Zen = 1 US cent, so yeah. Heck, 1000 Dilitium is what you get for running 2 STF and a half.

You can even add a booster on that and get 10% extra or so.

Your math is off man, or I'm missing something?

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