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# 1 Where is your STO 'sweet spot'
09-02-2012, 03:04 AM
This post was inspired by a lack of sleep and playing alts, you have been warned!

The concept of a 'sweet spot' in an RPG is the level range where the math and mechanics hit that perfect point providing the most enjoyable combat encounters. It occurs before the bonuses get to high, the abilities and gear too plentiful and powerful.

For me in STO space combat it seems to hit around level 20 and continue for the most part until level 40. That is when I have to pick and choose which boff abilities I need and when I try to time when I use them. Tractor Beam Repulsars vs Romulans FTW!!! My shields take damage at a reasonable rate allowing maneuvers to bring a fresh shield facing, or transferring the shields to be worthwhile. Combat has a good pacing even if it is a bit easy.

In contrast at level 40+ I seem to have so many boff abilities that they end up just being two copies of the same power that I mash each time they come off cooldown. A shield is either up because of a low amount of incoming damage, or tac team, or it goes down from a single shot. Combat becomes very 'spikey' and button 'mashy' while remaining face-roll easy with the right build/gear.

Anyone else have a 'favorite' level range? I urge you to go play an alt, without over twinking, to re-experience the flow of combat at the lower levels if it has been awhile you just may enjoy it!

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