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09-02-2012, 11:41 AM
1 Maurding instead of diplomacy. No silly peace talks, I just go sector by sector looking for things to steal.

2 Abundent amount of resources, maruarding gets you pretty big huals, plus you can rock orion slavers in your carriers for more chances at loot.

3 Now that FED has carriers, one thing is clear. KDF has the better bays, I will take my frigates, slavers, and BoPs over runabouts any day.

4 As mentioned a lot freedom, while the missions are not great, and some of the content is just copy pasted, I don't feel like there is any obligations. Heck the lack of good unique mission rewards let me skip missions all together till level my science captain looks like he belongs with the feds, but he orders daily raids for resources, while still finding time for science.

5 FED emo kids. I can't lie and say KDF doesn't have some bad eggs, but all my just plain awful STFs it was a FED toon complaining up a storm or ignoring the team and botching the run. Heck just last night I had one sit in the far back, declare it was where he would "guard" then rage when we failed a part and had to do it again. He didn't simply quit he sat 10m behind us and complained how he was done helping us, and that he quit. He did that till all but I quit the STF.

Ironically I started really leveling my first KDF to hit 50 to test out carriers before I bought the FED one. I now have 3 level 50 Klinks, and my FED science captain is still sitting at 42 where I left him, the money for his carrier went towards a Kar'fi lol

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