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This is more a suggestion, (sorry if that places this in the wrong area of the forums)
For the duration of this suggestion Boarding Party is abbreviated to BP

Now as we all know, boarding party is a dead ability (mostly PVP)
But to mend this, why not make a change like this..

Tactical Team I, Clears BP I
Tactical Team I, counters 1/2 BP II's effectiveness
Tactical Team I, Counters 1/3 of BP III's effectiveness

From an immersion perspective it can make sense, you send a smaller party to defend your ship, chances are you don't stop all the invaders!

From a game play perspective this would give Cruisers who want to use it a bit more of a kick, and detract from the frankly overpowered tactical team.

Naturally this wouldn't make BP Overpowered, as the shuttles can still be destroyed in transit, plus to use it effectively a cruiser has to sacrifice a higher Boff seat for the Party.
(TTI being ensign BPI Lieutenant)

A further possible improvement to BP could be to make the shuttles more durable to a carrier pet standard? (might be a bit overpowered but just a suggestion :p)

Any opinions/thoughts are greatly appreciated and if its popular i hope my post made a difference (doubtful but i can hope X])

(Although i have just wondered about a possible exploit of 2/3 crusiers using using BPIII, but i can imagine it not being too bad, as long as a similar safeguard on the lines of phaser procs is implemented)((but then again, we dont get any special protection when 2/3 people decided to team up and focus fire on one ship?, so would a safe guard be necessary?))(((in any case it would make pvp a bit more interesting )))

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09-02-2012, 12:54 PM
Every member of every boarding party should wear a vest stuffed full of tricobalt explosives.
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09-03-2012, 01:49 AM
I'll take that as a sign you think the suggestion would be overpowered ^^' Nevermind :p

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