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# 1 Too slow
09-03-2012, 09:40 AM
The frequency modulator that replicated is so slow that by the time it's done with cycling, half your squad is dead from Borg bosses that one shot kill you or spray fatal shots that take you down to half life. It need to be brought up to speed so it would work at a reasonble pace. The built in frequency modulator in the MACO and Omega suits work at a very good speed. Why can't the replicated ones work just as efficient? Its hard to get the lvl 12 STF gear. I don't like the fact that its too random. I have been doing ground STF's for a year and still don't have a complete lvl 12 MACO or Omega suit. If you going to keep those gear hard to get, then you need to bring up the performance of the replicated frequency, modulators.

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