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09-03-2012, 12:42 PM
Originally Posted by dassemsto View Post
I remember when I could scramble a cube and make it eat the little borgs for lunch...

I remember a GW that sucked the way it should... when a good sci could wipe a whole megamob in old infected... (heck, this vid may have been partially responsible for the nerf... Notice take #3, where we got both cubes and partially ripped the shields off the tac cube.)

I remember VM locking down that single Tac Cube for long periods of time.

I remember repulsing that Tac Cube into the gate to give it a real whack with it's warp core explosion.

I remember Tractoring or CPBing Donatra to prevent her from cloaking.

I remember... the days when a sci/sci could still hold his own...

And every time we sci/sci players found a way of being useful, the nerf was immediately to follow. "NO! Only Tac/Escorts should be able to kill something fast! Scis have no business being effective!"
most or all that ability should be restored imo. im surprised they would nerf stuff like that in the first place, seeing as it makes sci/sci pve proof. i know for a fact that siphons got slightly toned down a wile back simply because the could turn cubes in stfs in to inert hitpoint boxes.

and guys, this pve tac/sci rage thread here is killing me, the stupid is boiling over. they are all so clueless, backup would be appreciated. we don't want the devs to pay more attention to that thread's nonsense then this threads insight.
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