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09-03-2012, 04:52 PM
There are absolutely 15 artifact assignments. Each of the 12 sector block has its own pool of 3-4 assignments (I haven't kept exact records, but I believe each sector inside a sector block has an assignment named after it), each of which may or may not be up that day in sector or dept head.

Skurf are you Fed or KDF? I have a much harder time finding them as KDF than I do as Fed, so if you are it's possible that's why you can't get more than 8-9.

I run 5 of the 20h exploration assignments each day for cxp, particle traces, and artifacts, and I calculated that I end up with, on average, enough cxp to do a cxp turnin every other day, so his 20k cxp/day figure sounds about right to me.

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