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09-04-2012, 02:34 PM
Originally Posted by red01999 View Post
I would suggest including Aux2SIF3 and ditch Aceton Beam, the long cooldown mixed with IMO underwhelming performance and the moderate turnrate of an Assault Cruiser makes this a bit of a waste of a commander slot. There's a reason so many BOffs come with it standard.

I would also suggest you consider EPtS3. I don't recall what level RSP starts at, but you may want something like this:

Cmdr Eng - Aux2SIF3, EPtS3, RSP1, EPtS1
Lt Eng - RSP1, ET1


Cmdr Eng - Aux2SIF3, EPtS3, EPtS2, EPtW1
Lt Eng - RSP1, EPtW1

I wouldn't put too much faith in APB. The Attack Patterns are ideal for a tac, because they come with Attack Pattern Alpha, which is probably their most important single captain-level buff, ergo why it makes sense to dump points into the Starship Attack Patterns skill to get at least 6 levels of it. I'm not sure it's so great for the other professions, though.

You may be better served by chaining two copies of TT1, and filling out the other tac slots with HYT2 or TS2, and BO3. I have heard that BO1 is underwhelming, but I have also heard that BO3 is like having a junior version of the Dreadnaught's lance. You may also consider BFaW.

I stopped using AB for a long time, uuntil recently i realized it's not so much the damage, bit the damage RESISTENCE it gives from enemy weapons. But I'll keep looking into other options.As for APB, i figured it would be good to hot them with a damage resistence debiff, but you're right-as a science captain I'm not specced onto attack paterns at all. I'll definately figure out a chain for TT1 and 2.
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09-04-2012, 04:02 PM
Originally Posted by djf021 View Post
Not a bad idea, but I'm looking for specifically a tactical cruiser, instead of a science vessel.
But you also wanted to talk about being a tank, and you are a science toon. Having a commander level science boff is probably just as strong for you as having higher level tactical boff slots.
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09-04-2012, 08:05 PM
Originally Posted by baudl View Post
absolutely true...notice also that aceton beam 1 has sufficent damage rdeuction and has a much much much lower cd...also the aceton beam 2 is even lower. could never figure out why they made aceton 3 with that massive CD. makes no sense, since the damage of this ability is neglegeable.
And aux2SIF3 is a crazy good ability, dmg resi+moderate instant heal+fast CD
This is why asking for advice is such a good idea, gives me a lot to think about. But let me ask this: is the damage resistance part of Aceton beam not useful? According to the Wiki, it reduces your enemy's energy damage on you by 300 percent! Is that correct, or does it sound better than it actually is? What I was thinking was if I can reduce the damage to my shields, I can keep them up longer, therefore nulifying the need for extra damage resistance for the hull. Is that nieve?

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