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I've had an idea for a viable torpedo based build for my heavy escort carrier. . I was hoping I could get a few opinions if it could work well. This would be mostly be for STFs, regular game play, not PvP, although I would be grateful for ideas if it could work on PvP too.

Tac officer in the heavy escort carrier:

Fore weapons:
2x Polarized Dual Tetryon Beam Bank Mk XI / or 2x Tetryon DBB XII Borg
2x Photon torp XII borg

Aft weapons:
2x Tetryon turret XII borg
1x Photon torp XII borg or perhaps Tricobalt XII borg

Boff layout:
Cmdr tac: TT1, BO2, TS3, APO3
Lt tac: TT1 THY2
Ens tac: Target SS Shields 1

Lt cmdr eng: EPTS1, EPTS2, AuxSIF 2
Lt sci: HE1, TYB2

Hanger: Delta type shuttles

tac: 2x tetryon 2x photon - or maybe 4x photon
torpedo point defence
Borg console

Doffs: At least 3x purple projectile officers.

Beyond this, haven't decided. Perhaps Omega engines and deflector for tetryon glider. Borg console and borg shields if so, otherwise borg console, engines and deflector and MACO shields.

My attack theory is as follows:
First move, beam overload, with target subsystem shields. Hit tachyon beam. This should get shields down quickly. Using Polarized Tetryon, the proc is 10% for extra damage to shields. At the same time, send in the delta shuttles. I'm pretty sure this would strip shields down very quickly.

Second move, having already queued both torp spread and high yield (It is quite possible if timed properly), quickly get them off one after another while the shields are still down and hit the hull hard. I'm not sure if DEM effects torpedoes or not, so not sure if that would help.

Third move, swing around and fire off either the aft photorp or tricobalt to finish, if not already finished, saving the torpedo point defence system if needed for an extra punch while the tricobalt is on cooldown.

I'm really just spit-balling the idea, I would just really like to see a torpedo build work well and I'm wondering if this unconventional build has any merit at all.

I was thinking of trying it out on on tribble, but it's a fair bit of work to to go through the episode mission to get the polarized dual tetryon banks, so I don't want to put the work in unless the build seems to work on paper.

Anyway, it's just a concept and I'd be very grateful for any thoughts.


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