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Originally Posted by harrymonkley View Post
Hi folks, I need some advice please so I thought I would ask here rather than spam a new thread.

I'm new to STO and after what seems like not much effort, my engineer is at lvl 50 - but I haven't yet requisitioned my last freebie ship.

I don't really want to be playing a slow turning slug, and a couple of friends who used to play STO some time back recommended escort - but I'm not sure whether I should be choosing the Advanced Escort or the Patrol Escort.

I've checked the build planner on stoacademy, which doesn't even include the patrol escort as an option, and although I've figured out some of the game mechanics, and read some of the discussion threads, I'm having real difficulty figuring out the Boff abilities (because of all the abbreviations) and how they interact.

The difference between the two ship types appears to be simply one ensign Boff and one console(engineering or science) - what are the advantages of either choice?

Which skill+console would be the preferred setup for this extra slot if the accepted wisdom is to use tactical team for the ensign level skill on both tactical Boffs to keep the forward shields up?

The whole skill point system is so obtuse that I still have a couple of hundred thousand skill points to spend, so hopefully with a little help I can avoid the worst of the noob-errors and have a solid setup that will allow me to concentrate on learning to fly my ship well rather than getting frustrated because my build is severely flawed.
you are exactly the type of person this excellent guide was made for, you definitely came to the right place for the best advice. it recomends the patrol escort, and will give you a build and items list to get that will put you on the right track.

the counterpart of the advanced escort used to be called the fleet escort, but due to the new fleet system and the fleet ships, it had its name changed to patrol escort.
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