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09-06-2012, 11:52 AM
Originally Posted by eeb3 View Post
After about a month of not being able to connect to the game, I decided to call up my ISP to request a new IP#. Went through a hoop or two, but was able to get that done, and now able to get to the game.

This leads me to believe that Cryptic's Server Farm has some sort of erroneous IP block (or the router they are connected to get to the outside world at large does).

For ones who are not able to wait a long time to have their router to time out on an Address, Or there ISP has a particular DHCP set-up:

Go into your Router, look for an a setting that will let you 'clone' or 'change' the "MAC Address" of the router (This may vary from brand and model, older ones may not allow it.) Hold that page for a moment.

Now go to Start, Run..., type " cmd ", enter, a black window will appear, type ' ipconfig /all ', enter.
A bunch of text will appear, you may have to scroll back to the top of the window. In the second 'batch' of text you SHOULD find a "Physical Address". it will be a hexadecimal address in the form of: ##-##-##-##-##-##

Type that address into the area for the 'clone MAC' address of your router.

This SHOULD give you a new IP# to work with, if your not able to get a new address by waiting around.

This will help with the issue where all websites (including work, except explicitly:,, and that the patcher can not connect to the patchserver.
this seems like a confirmation on my oppinion that some IP?s or whole IP ranges are being blocked on the server side...

as far as i know, you could also call your ISP and request a new IP for the MAC-adress of your router...

glad that most of you guys who had this issue for a long time now are able to log in again

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