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Originally Posted by britrabbit View Post
This is all insanely helpful information right here, thank you all very much! I should be able to step into the game now, I'll try tactical/cruiser at first. Perhaps a human with the warp theorist/peak health. Anyhow, hopefully I'll have great fun with it.
Just one other thing - if you're going after warp theorist because I did it, please note that I was actually a bit upset with this choice after I learned what it did, compared to the others. I literally stumbled into it pretty much since I was blindly guessing for my first character (as most people do). THAT said, it was mostly because I was a newbie, and did not yet appreciate the potential utility of the power boost.

Although you may wish to reconsider for Accurate, there is a certain satisfaction with having full power bars in combat, and warp theorist helps with that - especially when you include the EPS bonus and use Emergency Power.
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I'll keep it in mind

Im a bit stuck on skills to pick and can't find a lot of resources to help me here.
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If you go to this LINK
you will see a large Player submitted list of StarFleet Tac Officer builds with the kind of Ship you will eventually want at max level... it gives you what Bridge Officers you need and what Skills you will need to teach them.... then it goes into the Skills which show you what to pick, and the order in which you pick them doesnt really matter.

You may choose any one on this list... you just click the orange words off to the left of the build.. it's usually the build name... you can scroll through what you'd like

The only problem i have with it is, you dont know when the build was submitted which means it could be an old build or a very fresh build..and not all of them say what Weapons or Consoles to get.

One of the builds that caught my eye was this ONE which was built in 2012, designed to be a DPS Tactical, for STF's which is Starfleet Task Force Missions.. pretty much Endgame content.

If you look at the Build Description Button near the top of the build, it will describe what Weapons, and Consoles to eventually look for or craft.

Hope this helps.
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09-06-2012, 01:37 PM
Thanks for the help but your link seems to not be working, could you try it again?

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