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09-07-2012, 01:26 AM
[quote=yreodred;5611281][font=Georgia][color=SandyBrown]I can't say anything
I know there are some who oppose the 2009 Trek movie but i just love the U.S.S. Kelvins uniforms. Which in game uniform would you use if you would make a mock up of it for STO?
I have been toying around with the AGT uniform but it's cumberbound looks just awful.

I used the TNG series 1 uniform with the Jupiter belt, shame you cant tuck the shirt into the trousers.
Delta Rising is the best ex... oh sod it, I just want my Jupiter and Typhoon

Cryptic! Need some FREE KDF uniform options that you wont have to make? See Here.
JJ. Trek is just as canon and awesome as all other Trek, Get over it!
Unofficial Bortasq' Uniform colour guide here.

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