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# 11 Since the Feds have theirs...
09-07-2012, 04:29 AM
Something which bugged me when I noticed it was missing was the Voodieh class cruiser from the Anti-time future in TNG All Good Things. The IKC Chang and IKC Fek'lhr fought the Pasteur and Future Enterprise.
The Pasteur got made (Olympic class)
The future Enterprise got made (Dreadnought cruiser/Galaxy X)
No love for the KDF on this? It's a nastier, possibly bigger, cousin to the Negh'Var so I was surprised not to see it at tier 5, or even as a Z-store purchase like the Galaxy X.
Is there any chance of seeing this in game in Season 7 (or sooner)? I understand the bigger need for more ships KDF-side in general but this ship has actual canon support and would, I think, create a true dreadnought for our side.
Thanks for reading.
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# 12
09-07-2012, 04:43 AM
are there any intentions to keep unique features to the KDF. Feds now have carriers, All we have left is the BoP and in the raptr QnA you hinted at that coming to the feds as well.

Since the KDF is an unlock, we need something unique to give an incentive for the switch .Can we get something that the feds don't? Otherwise, where are our 5 tac console raptors, and where are our sci ships.
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# 13
09-07-2012, 05:34 AM
Does PW/Cryptic ever plan on adding the Romulans as their own faction?
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# 14
09-07-2012, 05:53 AM
How to you intend to give a unique gameplay experience to players if you give progressively all the KDF features to the Federation? In other words, as a player, I enjoy both factions, but what would be my interest in playing as KDF if I can get the same exact features, and even more, with my FED characters? Also, if the Federation is getting the KDF features, do you intend to toss all the FED ones into the KDF to make the balance?

As features, I mean consoles, abilities, ships with universal bridge officer slots (fleet aquarius), very aggressive ship layouts (fleet defiant), etc.

If factions are just skins and costumes, I may just quit playing as KDF, because this faction is obviously getting less attention.

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# 15
09-07-2012, 06:05 AM
1) Since seasons 7, 8 and 9 are looking to be the "seasons of great growth" for Cryptic and for STO, can we KDF expect some love?

2) Missing KDF PvE, on Raptr Dstahl suggests that one method that Cryptic may use to enrich the KDF leveling experienc is to create a "Typhoon pact" situation with the races in the KDF. Can we expect to see missions covering the Gorn uprising, the Orions true purpose for joining (like what secrets did she tempt J'mpok with) and wether the Nausicians really care?

3) Undine to the left of me, feds to the right. I'm stuck in the middle with you. Can we expect to see some KDF specific Undine missions that better portrays the KDFs hunt to eliminate these foes? Do you envision a agnostic STF arising from this idea that may have a decidely KDF flavor?

4) Hurq? Will we ever see more of these classic bad guys? What about the other races, will we ever seen thier racial nemesi in game?

5) One particular player had an excellent idea for a new KDF tutorial where the new player kills his Captain for being an Undine, takes the ship and that is how the player (at a low rank) becomes Captain. Any chance this could be a possibility? Its certainly sounds more fun than what we have.

6) A lot of fans are upset over the percieved lack of balance between Fed vessels and KDF vessels, in that many feel the federation is less handicapped and has stronger choices. How do you maintain balance to the ideology of the factions? Do you think it may be time to relook at some KDF vessels, like the BoP, to make sure that in the rush of "new" brought to the game the KDF vessels of the line have not be neglected? \

7) Can we hope to see new Non-Klingon racial vessels? Like Orion Escorts, Gorn battle Cruisers, Leathean Cruisers and maybe even an Alien choice?

8) KDF bundle packs, Why haven't we seen more? Even if the resources where scarce before surely you can create some for the future under the new growth? Once made they could offer a good source of additional game revenue.
suggestions; Costume Bundle pack, Melee Bundle pack, Targ/Saurian Handler bundle pack.

9) Factional Exclusivety? Many are upset over the Factional Consoles being thrown around in lock boxes, concerned with balance becuase of it and loss of factional draws that may effect player numbers. Do you have plans to leave some things exclusive to the factionas they come from or is STO to end up one big eventual free-for-all? How will you maintain the KDF feel of individuality?

10) Storyline, Gadsukes!! The federation has nearly 40+ missions outlining the Fed/KDF conflict yet the KDf has 4. How do you plan to tell the KDF player they are at war with the federation in the lower levels of the game? Are you going to expand on this excellent backstory or let it die of neglect?

11) Many reasons have been given to slightly handicap KDF vessels in the past, use of Universal slots, Claoking, Higher turn rates, the lower shield but high hull of the KDF design, in order to make trhem fair to federation vessels in combat. With the use of these abilities now on the federation vessels will we KDF players see a lessening of the handicaps that where once meant to bring balance, becuase frankly now they do more harm than good?

12) In the Raptr Q&A it is hinted the feds may see a BoP-like vessel, Why? Why does an orginization designed for exploration and peace first and defensive warfare second need a vessel designed strictly to raid, harrass and strike enemy targets behind lines and with stealth? Have the feds become a bunch of warriors, raiding and conquering as they go? Shall even the ideology of the KDF be given away to them? How does the Defiant not fill this role, sans Battle Claok?
The KDF Bird of Prey is the most flown KDF vessel, as the last bastion of KDF uniqueness, why would you copy/paste it to the fed side and cripple KDF draw?

rodneyddalton: What about allowing the humans to Play on the Klingon side. I also thought that Like the bird of prey on Klingon side it has all universal bridge officers. What if you could make a ship like that on the Fed side? Just a thought.
Dstahl: Both interesting ideas. It wouldn't necessarily add more content to KDF, but something to consider nonetheless. Like the ship concept too.
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# 16
09-07-2012, 06:27 AM
1. The K'vort battlecruiser appeared in various episodes of TNG and was also mentioned in the DS9 episode "Penumbra" (showing it not only exists in the alternate universe of "Yesterday's Enterprise").
It is the last canon TNG-era KDF ship type missing from STO.
Will we see it in the future as a playable ship?

2. While we have a ship called "Negh'var" in this game, it is actually the version without the ventral pods from the TNG season finale.


Will we see the version from DS9's "Way of the Warrior" that was actually called "Negh'var" any time soon?


3. There are various Gorn and Nausicaan NPC ships unavailable to us.
Since we already have several ships without customization options or mix-and-match function, why are these not made useable for players?
Their level of detail is actually quite nice.

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# 17
09-07-2012, 06:40 AM
Can we hope to see a t5 lieutenant general science ship in the C-Store? Not everyone is in a fleet...
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# 18
09-07-2012, 08:47 AM
BUGS!!...KDF has way more bugs than the Fed side from what I've seen. A good example of one is when you are cloaked and a NPC and or any click-able window comes up and you click it or collect an item your ship will de-cloak.

Also if you are cloaked and you warp out of a map shouldn't your ship remain cloaked??...

I have bought half of the Fed side costumes with the costume slots and for the KDF side i have bought the ONLY costume there is on the c-store and have LOTS of empty costume slots that i would love to fill with NEW KDF costumes. I understand that for the KDF it's harder to make them, but if you guys make the effort people like me WILL BUY them (costumes for the Klingons, Gorn, etc. etc.) and give more toon creation parts like different hair, ridges, facial hair styles for the TOS, TNG, etc. a good example of this is the Gloves Klingon use. They don't use the same gloves the Feds use.....here are just a few examples.










Give people the chance to START a KDF at Level 1....how in the world are you going to possibly make another faction i.e. Romulan if you haven't even finished and refined the KDF...
If you finish it (KDF) people will come n' buy...

Give the other races on the KDF side more ships like the Lethean's need more than just the carrier, the Gorn also need more ships as well the same goes for the other races.

Give the KDF MORE melee weapon packs in game or C-Store
some of these weapons may or may not be cannon but it's an idea booster...





and of course the pain sticks:

The UI needs to be more Klingon like..for example:


Sorry i know these are NOT questions but more like constructive feed back, at this point I'm done asking when? and why?...but here are some examples that barely scratch the surface. There's a LOT of work to do on the KDF and I'm not talking about "End Game" content but just content period.

I know that Star Trek's main focus is on the Federation but this is a MMO with 2 playable factions. Give the KDF the attention to detail that it deserves.

thank you for your time.
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# 19
09-07-2012, 08:50 AM
Originally Posted by gradstudent1 View Post
This is a great opportunity for us to provide direct feedback to our developers. Please take advantage of this event.

To victory!


1- Klingon faction has been devoid of costume visuals in ground forever. When will this be taken care of?

-- In a similar note, can we PLEASE have the option to remove the visuals on the mk 12 ground weapons? Seriously, a nice, sleek looking rifle or pistol with a FUGLY protuberance made from holographic/glowy crapola.. c'mon man this is star trek not teletubbies on acid.

2- Ship options for KDF: I am one of those that believes KDF has a much better ship variety and uniqueness than the Federation. I do however wonder why the Federation receives all the new ship releases whereas KDF is left with ships a year+ old.

The HoHsus and BortasQ are really our 'new' ships for more than a year.

So my question is: Will there be at least an effort to release a KDF ship along with a Federation ship from now on?

3- PVP : This is a Klingon's greatest desire. Will Cryptic allow players to submit ideas on how to implement PVP and make a serious effort to introduce PVP as a gameplay option?

4- My pet peeve: Carrier issues. There are two.

A- (Visual cosmetic): Zoom level on the VoQuv carrier. I know the ship is very big but even on my 29" screen running 1920 resolution the ship still blocks half the screen.

Please allow these large ships to zoom the camera out some more. Heck allow a free zoom amount... it not only helps everyone but for those of us who like to make videos of the game an unlimited zoom-out would be SUCH a good tool!

B- Pet AI issues: Borticus probably rolled his eyes when reading this.

Pet AI has been severely broken for a long time and currently it only works because a haphazard band-aid-on-gaping-chest-wound fix made it 'mostly functional'.

It has been a chronic issue with pet AI that the developers do not listen to the player feedback and end up making it worse every time.

Can we please have a serious effort to resolve the pet AI issue? One where developers interact with the players on tribble/forums and crunch the problems out?

Seriously guys, you HAD fixed the pet AI. It was beautiful..orgasmic... and then you borked them while adding a silly cosmetic 'formation flying' routine.

Finally, THE most critical problem I have with KDF:

7- Color blind issue- KDF red interface is horrible to navigate for color blind players. When its red on black space background its not a problem but when the ship flies in green-background or green fx all around the interface simply VANISHES. Blurs out view.

I know for a fact that it is possible for KDF to use the federation interface because a bug had KDF using Fed interface in PVP maps for a long time.

Can we PLEASE at LEAST have the option to switch to Fed interface.. or add a color palette slider for the interface so we can choose the colors?

(note: color blindness is not just red/green. Others may be yellow/blue..so a color palette choice ..even if it only changes the color of what is currently red in kdf interface... will be an amazing fix).

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# 20
09-07-2012, 02:55 PM
We appear to have had forward movement. Dan Stahl said that they are now taking a "If you build it they will come," approach to getting a tutorial and 1-50 leveled play into the KDF in this month's Ask Cryptic.

Originally Posted by AskCryptic
Q: (fedwarrior) For two factions at war, the feds and klinks don?t appear to engage each other much. Is there any plans to improve PVP and make it more a core part of the game?

Dstahl: Even though this question pops up every month, it is important to note that I?m taking the ?build it and they will come? attitude towards the KDF. Despite the fact that a minority of players play KDF, there is still a dream that we can build up the two factions into two healthy adversaries that could warrant the ?war? that is going on. This is why I?ve been actively pursuing all of the resources necessary to tackle the biggest issue first ? which is to allow players to create a KDF faction character as their first character. As it is, you must create a FED, level it to 24, and then you can roll a KDF toon. Problem is, you?re already invested in your FED, so it makes it more challenging for you to want to play KDF. This means building a KDF tutorial and ensuring that you can play KDF from level 1 onward. Once this happens (which I hope it will in the future) it will warrant the type of PvP Battlegrounds that PvP fans (and PWE) are wishing was part of this game.
Read it for your self here... http://sto.perfectworld.com/news/?p=665391

Then they killed the discussion thread that was started for it.
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