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The TOS Veterans Fleet ... is a proud member of the United Fleet Coalition.
Originally Posted by genhauk View Post
So ... You want to join the United Fleet Coalition ?

If the heart of the United Fleet Coalition are the independent fleets that are the core of our membership, the players are the heartbeat that keeps the blood and life flowing through our coalition and fleets both.

The U.F.C. is always looking for good fleets to join us ... both FED and KDF alike, adding their strength to the overall Coalition as it gives strength back.

For fleets seeking to join us, have a fleet representative assigned for your fleet and have that person post your desire to join without "Petition for Fleet Membership" forum.

For players seeking to join us (those who are independent as well as those from other non-member fleets), we welcome you as well for their is much we can offer you via our community with your very presence in itself helping enrich the U.F.C. and our member fleets.

Simply register on these forums and also please make sure to join our in-game chat channels so that you can socialize with fellow UFC members and participate in both planned events as well as those that are born spontaneously through simple conversations with the friends you will make.

Remember ... Our goal is to help both member fleets and players of the game alike. Both can help one another have a much more rewarding and fun time playing Star Trek Online.
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