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For my engineer I want a fun ship to tank with, I've done some research and most people advice the Star 'shovel' cruiser or a Odyssey. The shovel is just so ugly that I don't want to be seen in it and while the Odyssey is not bad in looks, I'm not sold on it, also the fact that you see it a lot, doesn't really help me to fall in love with it.

There are some other options named, but from what I've read they are more like, well if you play well enough then almost any ship can function for a certain role.

I've looked myself at both the Galor and Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit, from what I can see they are a lot more offensive then 'normal' tanks, the question is, are these 2 and others actually viable, or is that just kidding yourself?

So which ships can properly function as tanks (even if they are not the best around) and what consoles etc will I need to balance out any disadvantages?

PS. I can of course get a Star Cruiser for those extreme cases where every little bit is needed, they are cheap enough, for now I'm just looking for a nice ship that I can use most of the time.

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