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# 1 Regenerative Vs. Covariant
09-08-2012, 01:43 AM
Hello everyone!

I would just like to hear some of the different points of view regarding the different shield types. On my Engineer I use Covariant (high capacity/slow regen) and on my Tactical I use the Regenerative (fast regen/low capacity).

I've found that my Engineer (Operations Odyssey) has enough shield heal abilities to negate the slow regen of the Covariant shields. The high capacity, coupled with maxed EPS points allows me to take the big hits and stay ahead of taking any real hull damage with the Cruiser's various shield heal abilities. I don't do much by the way of power level modifications besides pure attack or pure Defense. It does, however, have a 349% (17.5/sec) Power Transfer rate for fast swaps between the two. 45%+ resists across the board. 57,513 Hull 11,469 Shields.

On my Tactical ship (Armitage) I went the Regenerative route. I've got a high Shield Emitters/System values (115/118) and a balanced power system (keeping shields at 100 power) to scrounge up the most out of the regenerative's shield return every 6 seconds. Standard power settings I use are: Balanced- (W 107/70;D 100/80; S 44/25), Defense- (W 88/25;D 120/100; S 65/50), Attack- (W 123/90; D 83/60; S 44/25). I primarily stay on Balanced until I have a definitive advantage, then I switch to Attack. I only use Speed settings for a tuck-and-run strategy. 43,965 Hull, 7,247 Shields, 40% STF/PvP resistances.

I'm not really quite sure on how it all works but it seems to for me.

I suppose I should mention that on my Escort I have a Nurse (@75% Crew, +100% Crew recovery) and a Dev. Lab Scientist (reduction in Science Team recast by 8 seconds and +10 Shield Emitters for 10 seconds) as active space Duty Officers.

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated! Am I doing something wrong? Could I be doing something better? Thanks in advance for the get-back.
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09-08-2012, 02:40 AM
You're asking impossible questions. There is no right or wrong when it comes to shields IMO (here comes the flaming). I personally use Resilient shield arrays, which have a slightly lower cap and reg, but has that wonderful absorption. Your shield type is users choice really. Pick your poison. Get whacked harder and take it but have to take a little longer to get back to full, or reduce the amount of whackage you can take but get back to full faster.
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09-08-2012, 02:43 AM
It seems as if you have it figured out quite well.

If you ever run a science ship, you might want to consider resilient shields which have extra protection for weaker hulls, but stronger shields, which science is known for.

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09-08-2012, 03:09 AM
My Galaxy/Oddyssey (free) Engineer tank always uses covriant because the improved regeneration rate doesn't help me if my shields drop in mid-combat. And I can fix them afterwards, so it never really made sense for me to try regenerative shields.

My Tac/Battlecruiser Klingon had covariant as well before I got the Retro-Borg set.
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09-08-2012, 05:37 AM
I prefer covariant as a general rule until the set shields become available. The reduced bleed thru on resilient shields might matter more to sci ships but other than the Maco and Jem'Hadar shields they always seem too thin to me.

At lower levels, when shield heals are rarer and enemy damage is low, a regenerative seems better, a sci ship's 1.3 shield mod with a [dis] [reg]x2 shield is epic for the entire Klingon campaign. Especially if your one shield heal is EPTS1.

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