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05-13-2009, 10:25 AM
I saw the New movie last night and visually it was impressive but I couldn't help but think this has got to be a "what if" situation only in movie form. The movie also seemed to go backwards in technology a lot of the times. There was no reference to the original Enterprise NX-01 which might I add saved the planet from the Xindi during the temporal cold war.
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05-16-2009, 12:08 PM
Hi to all, might as well introduce myself via review (forgive the mini rant inbetween bits)

Alright i've seen it, and I have to say to Abrams is majQa'! (well done in klingon)

No really, this was friggin brilliant the CGI is in full force, action and adventure. Simon Pegg is actually perfect for scotty. I was fine with the plot, surprisingly the vision of Gene Roddenberry is actually strengthened in the action as oppose to the opposite. Zachary Quinto is definitely a good actor, the character arc for Spock is surprisingly strong even more so then Kirk's.

I actually did feel a bit of sympathy for Spock for losing his mother, helped by the fact that the character relates and even has difficulties with his human persona. Winona Ryder has a small role as Spock's mother but she does a good job of it and its also further good of Abrams to get a an actress with a known name with the good acting as well to play Spock's mother because she is quite a important character and it was good Abrams recognised that. It was also rare though for an action film that the death of a mother as opposed to a father is used in typical plot excuse to spur or reduce a character to grievence.

Furthermore captain Pike gets included, am very glad about this, am not a trekkie but I do have a good memory about the crucial facts and one them was about Pike as he technically speaking was the one before Kirk in the Star trek Original series. Bruce greenwood does well to mould Pike into a veteran captain who plays a role in both drama and action. Starfleet crew and their higher ranks are actually acting like they were members of a military crew for a change! (Hoorah!)

Attention of detail does not lie soley on facts or twisting the plot cleverly making the film an alternative universe one that even the villain Nero cannot predict as its actions follws a new route entirely, yet the main timeline (or the original universe is not affected) but in the characters themselves. However it is still richly star trek but presented in a way that its not dire of plot, or boring. Itís creative, explosive and clever in the two as well.

Strong detail is given to the lesser star trek characters including Hikaru Sulu (by John cho) Sulu still maintains his frail confidence at times and John does a good job on this, when Kirk him asks what hand to hand combat. He nervously says 'fencing'

Even I rolled my eyes in disbelif thinking he's going to be useless but I was deceived. Not also did John portray sulu from a shy pilot to a skilled and tactical combatant in a second butthe props also give him some useful items like a retractable katana to add to that! The Romulan he faces promptly replies by flicking out a trident like weapon and the two engage in some great choreographic battle.

With the attention to detail also, I was impressed with the hints of Romulan strength. When Kirk fights some red shirts he's taking on the entire 3. (Speaking on red shirts, in true trek tradtion a red armoured guy literally dive bombs himself to inceneration note: when a captain tells you to parachute, you don't go 'yahoo yeah!')

When it came to the Romulans he had a hard time knocking one to the ground, even when useing a helmet! Sulu also was getting tired out by the Romulan physique and won by use of skill and cunning.

It does become damm obvious when later on a Romulan does a much more successful jump that left Kirk dangling for his life and even lifts him one handed!

Finally the Romulans become mean, though it amazes me how they were still lameish in the dominion wars. The Jem'ha da the supposed superior troops look weak in comparison now!

If I had a point against the film it would only be three minor ones: The Romulan ship doesn't look very much like a 'mining ship' it looked more like something pinhead would build if hell had spaceships and that the Romulan appearances remind me a bit too much of those vampires from buffy or angel (except without the fangs)

I mean they had the nasty looking faces, as well as the insane strength level.

Nero looked like a man you wouldn't dare double-cross. He looks eternally ****ed.

Though in regards to the ship's design I liked scotty's remark 'if there's any common sense in the enemy's ship design' for a smooth self mick take.

The third pointer is that after seeing some good alien designs, including the humanoid medic for Kirk's mother with her large feline like eyes, the creation department went down a step when Kirk's latest girl was a green skinned woman with ginger hair. (meh)

Despite Spock's character arc wonderfully done especially with the meeting with Spock (Leonard Nimoy) was written well. To the dual clash of the two types of arrogance from Spock and Kirk at times, to karl urban being the best character of them as bones (He's perfect! And cracks me up!) The best part was what happened off screen. Keeping Spock on as a cameo and keeping Shatner out.

I don't hate william Shatner but I do feel that since the OST ended on TV and went onto movies that Shatner didn't really portray Kirk anymore, suddenly he was somebody else entirely. The age gap since from TV to movie can be half accepted if some of the character traits are still there but I don't think there was, since the movies Shatner portrayed little of Kirk's evolution with the exception being the wrath of khan. I also feel his character (even though he was to be canonical dead) couldnít strike an understanding with the younger Kirk.

Whereas with Spock had greater importance, he still was in the next generation series, was still in character something leonard nimoy was able to still do and also as the film shows a certain vulcan has proven to be more then just Kirk's equal, so what better way to get an understanding of 'Spock' than from Spock himself. Leonard's appearance made a nice 'exchanging the guard' from him to Zachary Quinto's Spock which was done well.

And the music was top class, especially the remastering the original star trek theme.

why couldn't the star war prequels be like this?

Actually I think this film just resolved who is better ST or SW debate. I don't care if mike wong appears and gives a detailed scientific reasoning, what's the point? Yes the enterprise is built on ground but when starships and shuttles can levitate in the air with no difficulty, how is that a problem?

Both franchise never cared about science (or common sense for that matter) the enterprise has more friggin firepower then a damm imperial destroyer alone, and both the enterprise and that Romulan mining ship were taking in the gravitationl pull of a black hole that demolished a planet! Who cares about the science of the two shows, science on both series always contradicts itself but from what Iíve seen the feats of the enterprise are simply WOW.

Overall and by Far the best star trek movie.

Bring on the other two!!!

(note: I was partly ranting with someone regarding this and star wars and I never edit my own posts to remove bits. Am not a die hard of the two but after seeing this alt version of ST it seemed to settle a few things. Also am glad they didn't get into the xindi and 'temp time travel feds' they were never written well to begin with. Not to mention that the rules of time travel they follow is a flawed one. There is more sense in that time travel would involve branching out of alternative realties then as to altering the future. So events in the orignal universe still take place though as romulas is destroyed then I hope those remus 'space orcs' are as well. Why does everything dark and scaly skinned have to be evil? Look at scotty's assistant dark eyes and ill looking. Did he lurk in '5% less room lighting' working for the dark lord of 'clonecard?' No but he was ten times more intresting then the remus that's for sure.)
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05-31-2009, 02:24 PM
Sorry...I don't "TWITTER" or any of that crap...besides, I would'nt involve myself in any orginization with such a "Puss" name....!!!

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