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Okay so after asking everyone i know about this and no one being able to come up with a answer im here. here is the thing.

i won an engine from a quest i did, (both me and my GF did at the same time in fact.) we both picked the same item (the engine) which is an "impulse engine mk VI {flight speed 13.4}-{0.58 flight turn rate}-{11 to full impulse}-{all power to engines 73.5}

this was about 4-5 hours ago i recently joined a PVE que and rolled need on an engine that was considerably better than the one listed above i dont remember what the specs were when i rolled on it i just remember the flight speed being 18 and the rest of the number being higher than the one i had on. i won the item and was extremely happy to equip my new item only to find out that my current engine (the one i had won from the mission) all of a sudden is now rated lower than what it was when i first equiped the item. all of the stats are the same except the flight speed has gone down to 11.8 from the 13.4 for no reason i havent changed anything and all of the items themselves even say they do not reflect item modifiers or skills. so now i have my current engine being nerffed for no reason and now the new engine i need rolled on is even lower than this one its at like 11.0 and all other stats on it are way lower than the one i already have on.

now i figured okay... maybe im just trippen. but NO! now my Phaser dual heavy cannons which i know! for 100% were a dps of (172) are no at 205 and 211 im like WTF is going on? why the hell are all of my items changing? its really pissing me off, and if anyone out there can heklp or knows why this is happening please let me know thanks!:co nfused:
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09-08-2012, 02:06 AM
the stats listed for an item in your inventory do not always reflest the actual stats once equiped. aslo im not sure but if you have incured an injury it may affect the listed stats.
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09-08-2012, 10:54 AM
so once again no-one knows. while i take your words in to consideration, it is not correct. as i said when i first got the engine the stats were what they were supposed to be. even my GF has the same engine. hers is still the original stats of 13.4 but mine has changed? and okay fair enough maybe im damaged i can see that as a legit concept, but if that was teh case why would my weapons go from 172 dps (which they have been at for as long as i can remember) to now being 205 and 211 dps it just dosent make any sense...
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09-08-2012, 11:01 AM
Weapons dps depends on weapon power level, skills, buffs, if you are on ground, sector space, normal space/mission map (space).

Same goes for the engines.
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09-08-2012, 12:05 PM
Originally Posted by rohirrim View Post
Weapons dps depends on weapon power level, skills, buffs, if you are on ground, sector space, normal space/mission map (space).

Same goes for the engines.
This is the answer you seek.
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