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# 1 Nebula Skins
09-08-2012, 12:59 PM
After looking at many episodes of TNG, DS9, and a couple of Star Trek movies, I notice the different looks the Nebula classes had the are canon. Why use the Venture skin when there are aready other varients that deviate from the "baby Galaxy" look. You can find these different looks on Memory Alpha and Beta. Look at ships like the USS Phoenix, USS Melbourne, USS Farragut, USS Sutherland, etc. All the ships mentioned have different looks tha don't share with the Galaxy Class. The sauser section had less windows than the Galaxy's and didn't have any windows on the outer edge, having the outer edge shaved off than what the Galaxy has. The secondary hull had a different shape than the Galaxy's and the deflector dish had its own look as well. Most Nebula Class ships have the trianglular upper module but some ships such as the USS Phoenix, had an oval sensor module with dual pylons. Another ship, the USS Melbourne, which was offered to Commander Riker, didn't have an upper module, but had two extra warp engine nacelles in it's place. The "baby Galaxy" look didn't appear on the shows till Star Trek started using CGI Models because they were too lazy to transfer details of the studio models over to the CGI models.

I'm not asking you to get rid of the Magestic skin but why not use skins that are already canon and naturally come with variety?

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