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Hey! Now I believe I'll be sticking with STO for a while I want to purchase either the Caitians or the Ferasans, now I'm not taking traits into consideration here but as I want to at some point give involved in roleplaying within STO I'll be taking IC aspects of the species into consideration, if that makes sense.

Now, so far this is what I believe I know about the two:


- Federation member species
- Several Caitians have reached the rank of Admiral at various points in Starfleet's history
- Generally seen as especially Intelligent and co-operative
- Build friggen huge carriers as well as stealth fighters
- The females tend to sound as if they are purring when they talk


- Allied/??? with Klingons
- Have pointier teeth

Yep, there's a lot more information about Caitians then Ferasans that I can find on my own, I am honestly struggling to find out anything about the Ferasans. The other problem is I would like a relatively 'good' character so I'm worried that if I go for a IKS Ferasan, they might be roped into doing some dark things, although I've only played the game from the Starfleet perspective so far and I may be wrong in every way. Regardless, does anyone have any sort of information about Ferasans? Stuff like typical behaviour and demeanour and how they differ from Caitians apart from obvious visual differences. As much as im leaning to Caitians I would like to make sure I know as much as possible before I choose one of the two.

Last but not least, I heard if you buy both, you get more hair options for the Caitians, true/false? Most Caitians I've seen have no hair, only fur.

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