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I'd like you to try out my latest effort:

The Inner Darkness
Faction: Starfleet
Level: 31+
When a retired ambassador undergoes treatments for his rare, degenerative neurological condition in the Briar Patch, your presence is requested to provide a security detail against the combined threat of the Na'kuhl and the Ekosians. However, the greatest threat may prove to be within.

Caution: This mission may be on the long side and a touch controversial for reasons that may become apparent. No foul language or anything.

(At 75% publishing as of the writing of this post. Will obviously need 5 testers before it becomes generally available.)

Edit: 12:28PM EST 9/9/2012 Completed first playthrough. Found a batch of errors. Republishing. Pleased with the overall feel. The ground battles are difficult. The sets are pretty. Pathing looks good. Just some typos and loose ends.

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