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Hi will we have rank insignia for the TOS Tunic and the TWOK uniform anytime in the future? We have them on every uniform, even the special Admiral Ranks for TNG Season 1 but on the Tunic and the TWOK we just have the shoulder insignia of a Captain (although the sleeve insignia on the tunic changes which is weird)
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The TWOK uniform should have the rank options since it now costs Zen! I remember asking about this a while back and we got the answer that it couldn't be changed because it was a 'promotional item' from the movie bundle, which is why they eventually gave it away for free. Now it costs 550 Zen, the same ammount as the Jupiter Uniforms! How about we upgrade the uniform to include the rank to make it worth it, please. (Then we can also fix some of those NPCs incorrectly wearing captain rank when they are really admirals).

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