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# 1 Beaming Issue.
09-09-2012, 03:23 PM
Mission: The Floods at Home. Part 2


On the Amberley map, I set up a scene where your character is settting up a command post/ base camp. I have set up that items get beamed in, including generators. It all works except the generator does not appear.

I have done something in the same manner with the generators in Floods at Home Pt1 (ST-HN9CS9IDR) on the Rockhampton map and it work fine, but I did that map before season 4 launch. It is only after I had the issue of no generators appearing after season 4.

I had this problem in the editor playthrough and when I officially published it, after foundry was back online after season 5.

And before you think of it, I did back in the good old days of bug tickets and all.


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