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09-10-2012, 07:05 AM
well yes reinstalling everything patches again because the data no longer exists. But i'd rather have everything patch again then have to deal with disconnecting every 5 mins. Like I said it was a solution not everyone would like but one that worked for me. It does take me some times to get to places as I have to patch again but I count it as a small price to pay for not disconnecting. You could probably save the cache and files and reinstall it the issue with that is that if you have a file that is corrupt which I am not sure that the launcher will find since I did force verify many times and it said nothing was wrong then the problem will not go away and will continue. Also if that doesnt work and you want to go to the extreme side to play the game which many won't unless they are hard core players use an external hard drive to save all your comp data it could also be your windows someone became corrupt and will need to be reinstalled if you tried everything listed above that gms wrote to me and the thread starter. That is also a possibility but like i said very extreme and most people would say forget it. I guess it depends how badly you want to play.My solutions may not be perfect but they have worked perfectly for me I have yet to disconnect again, the only issue is I take longer to load into places because the game needs to patch to all the places I have been again but thats it. Ultimately the choice is up to all of you on what to do. Good luck I hope you all find solutions I know how frustrating it can be.

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