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# 1 Ground Play Advice?
09-05-2012, 11:52 PM
I have a bit of a problem. I think I suck at ground play. I generally don't seem to come in very well on DPS, and I get beaten back fairly regularly. It is somewhat embarassing to be beamed back to the respawn point and have to hike it all the way back.

As such I'd like to ask for general tips. Please note that I'm not all that great with 3D games in general, so I suppose now's the time to start learning.

If it makes any difference, my main is a tac with Soldier and Peak Health traits, most of the ground stats up to level 6 (grenades - 3, combat armor - 3, threat gen - 0, advanced tactics - 0, willpower - 8), and I generally equip a horta, large hypos, large shield charges, the MACO Mk XI set and either a tribble, second horta (love rotating pets) or anti-nanoprobe hypos. My favored kits are Squad Leader or (when invisibility is called for, e.g. phase 2 of the Starbase Incursion mission) Operative.

Thanks for any advice!
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09-06-2012, 01:18 AM
i use operative exclusively. with either a pulsewave or splitbeam. on occasions a sniper rifle or a compression pistol.

skill weapon proficiency and combat specialist (both add dmg to all your weapons) and special forces...thats crucial

for survival skill PS generator...the 64000 or 66000 (can't remember how many remain after the 300k are spend for space skills) skillpoints are sufficent to have a usefull skilltree.

use a gambling machine instead of a tribble to buff yourself

and most importantly...use the RPG mode to fight. forget shooter mode (was well intended, but poorly introduces). and use your kit and captain abilities on rotation...the longer they are not used the weaker you are.
also use the aim mode and crouch as often as possible.
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09-06-2012, 05:23 AM
Originally Posted by baudl View Post
also use the aim mode and crouch as often as possible.

Also; when you move, don't run.
Roll or sprint.

The biggest hurdle in ground combat is learning how to avoid damage as much as possible. Once you get a decent shield and armor equipped, that basically comes down to always crouching (even when Elite Borg Drones or Bosses like Armek are meleeing you. Yes, I know it's counter-intuitive) and rolling/sprinting everywhere.

Once you've got survivability sorted, you can concentrate on dealing maximum damage. Usually as a Tac you'll want to pick off one foe at a time (Cloak/Ambush/Sniper/etc.) rather than many foes at once (only exception, when a Sci uses "Tachyon Harmonic" on a large group of weak foes, feel free to lob a grenade at them afterwards whilst their shields are all down). Aiming is the most obvious buff to your damage, but as a Tac you've got a few other buffs to fall back on too (Ambush being probably the most powerful Spike Damage buff, and Tactical Initiative probably being the most useful buff to a team).

Hypos and Remodulators (inherent or otherwise) and a good tribble (or even better - the 'Gambling Device') all go without saying...

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09-10-2012, 09:37 AM
This might help:

For a tactical officer on the ground a good offense is the best defense.

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