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Hello all. I was thinking some more following my idea for a console for the Excelsior. Many players want the ability to change the weapon type of the Spinal Lance to the Galaxy Dreadnaught. I was thinking of a way this might be able to be done. Then it came to me. Add a slot for the dreadnaught specifically for the lance, similar to the slot for fighters on carriers. In this slot you can place a energy module. The default module of course would be a Phaser Energy Module. You would then be able to purchase, via the dilithium store, a different energy module with the energy type you want. Running a ship with Plasma Weapons? Buy a Plasma Energy Module. Want a Polaron setup? Buy the Polaron Energy Module. They could restrict the purchase of these modules to those that have unlocked the Galaxy Dreadnaught.

What if I prefer the hybrid weapons? Good question. Get in touch with your tactical duty officer on your ship and have one crafted.

I know this would take some coding change and some work adding the different types of beams to the lance but, I think it would be a fair idea.

Here is a mock-up.

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