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09-12-2012, 03:37 AM
I played and try with The B'rel since i began to play Sto.

I try many and many configurations with this ship ( tactical , science, beam only , cannon only,
torpedoes boat, offensive boat , defensive etc... )

This ship CAN do about everything with a good build : good skills choice and consoles.

It is a remarquable ship and i can't let say the B'rel is just a torp boat.

Yes it is true it 's a very good and fun torpedoes boat.

I just say you can do about all what you want with B'rel.

I have some questions : when you do a torpedoes build without a point in energy weapons or shield emitter or shield systems , how do you manage to do a successful Stf or if you want to change ship ? when you take you hegtha ? do you buy a respect token each time ?

I have create for my B'rel a polyvalent build so i can play successfully with in many situation
like topedoes boat , decloaked dogfighting , all stf missions with a very good dps :

I change my boff , weapons and console when i change my mission but i do not respect everytime

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