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08-30-2012, 09:45 AM
Caitian's and Ferasan's excel in phase 2, their jump ability allows them to get onto the walls and stay away from the mobs, plus they can also jump above the doorways and get some great sniper locations too.

For a Caitian/Ferasan to get onto the wall, climb onto one of the things sticking out of the wall, so your no longer touching the ground, face your camera up a bit and jump up. I only play feline species characters and their have been many instances where the rest of the group are dead in the spawn area and I'm able to still solo the 4 saboteurs in section 2.
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08-30-2012, 04:05 PM
I really appreciate if people communicate in phase 2 which sabs. are down, It's such a waste of time otherwise.

The flashlight is not neccesary at all I find, but maybe my screen setting is brighter? Anyway, I see the sabs by their white character bars.

But here is the thing:
Everybody says to ignore turrets and guards in phase 1. And I did this for a long time. Stick to a zone and run around, only shooting sabs (I mean, it even says so in the game menu to ignore them, doesn't it?).
But then once out of boredom I started shooting everything in the corner I was guarding. What happened is that the rate of respawns in that corner went up a lot. And with all those respawns, also more sabs. respawned.
Now this might be my imagination, but I am pretty sure it works for me. Try it and see or you notice the increase.
For the rest it doesn't really matter in the sense of wasting time. If you stick to one corner you can kill quick enough not to miss any sabs anyway.
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08-30-2012, 04:24 PM
A friend of mine just says to use /target Saboteur command on phase two to find them easily.
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I agree with the /target Saboteur command as it will always (Except the very first one) give you the pos of a saboteur if you can't find one. Also, in part 2, you can snipe the bot right saboteur by climbing the boxes right at the beg of that section and getting on the edge. If you do it right, you don't disturb any of the enemies making it easier. The enemies you face completely depend on the tiers the group are in. If you get Orion or Klingon, then you have low SB tier players. Gorn might be tier 1, but I have no way to test that out. I know for a fact Borg and Nausicans are common for full tier 2 players. This pattern also goes for Fleet Alert where I've only seen Tholians in full Tier 2 teams. Also, to get to the captain, don't go out the door until all captains are alive. Use this time to set up before venturing out. Today I learned that a few well placed mines can make quick work of the second set of guards that transport in and also the captain.

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I've been doing a lot of incursions, one of my favourites and the guide isn't bad here but a little unrefined.

-Flashlights aren't needed, take them if you want but I swear they give me away while cloaked

Phase 1
Everybody pick a corner, and one in the centre. Killing sabs is the goal but knocking out a patrol or turret which is troublesome isn't a big deal, but don't stop running to do it. There seems to be a limited number of Saboteurs on the map at any time, maybe 4? If you kill one it can respawn right next to you in a second, its obvious there are only so many around, so if any section is left unchecked them they'll pile up there wasting time and lowering your kills. I also find it helpful if when you check the edge of your section you take the extra second to check your neighbour edge too, very often they aren't easy to get to.

The front left is super easy to cover, one turret has a huge range that should be removed, otherwise jump onto the ledge and run the L shape, you can see the whole corner and more from there. There are almost no patrols around to bug you.

The back left has a lot of turns and area to cover but the turrets aren't a threat, patrols are also minimal. The key is to move fast here.

The back right has two turrets and patrols which can start to kill you, so be wary. There is a lot of space to cover as well. I remove one turret to prevent flanking when trouble does come.

The front right is a bit confusing, lots of patrols to deal with, but it takes a bit to find the saboteur even though you can often see the bar you can't figure out which of the many isles they are down.

The centre is super easy to find saboteurs but you'll be harassed constantly by patrols and one central turret.

Phase 2
As a tactical I beg others to let tacticals do their own thing. I'm an assassin, I cloak, kill and get out without attracting any agro. If I'm setting up in a corner, don't run in and agro everything, take one bad shot at the saboteur and get me killed too, find another place. If you have the omega set distortion field is amazing here, I combine it with operative cloak, drop the operative and I'm still cloaked while killing the Saboteur, as long as I'm fast I find a way out without a problem.

Front left - Super easy to knock out, this one is miles away from the guards. You can jump up onto of the containers to it's left and hide behind one and kill the Sab in peace, if you know how to get up.

Back left - Probably the hardest one to kill if you aren't using operative, you'll need to pass at least three sets of guards and agro more. Operatives are best, kill and jump over the set of containers in front of you to escape.

Back right - This is a free kill for anyone with a sniper rifle, climb on top of the containers accessible from the east bound hallway and kill. Operatives sneak past and kill then tuck into the corner until able to cloak again.

Front right - Ideal for eng or sciences, just run in and blast. This is the worst operative location.

Phase 3 - Done wrong by so many.

The key to phase 3 is having a plan, no tricks. We all know the timer starts when you cross the door, many people like to try and take out the first round of guards before starting the timer but thats bad news. The counter for guards killed starts when the timer does, if you kill the last guard before starting the counter up then you can only get 1/2 and have to abandon then mission, 0 marks for everyone.

Make sure everyone is ready, before you leave buff up with long buffs like strike team. Your goal is to have everyone rush forward and pulsewave the crap out of the first round, it should go down FAST. Round 2 is where people screw up badly. 1 guard spawns to the left, one to the right and four in the back, if they aren't accounted for you are done.

Have two people cover the back 4 basic guards (they are spaced out badly for one shot take outs, and one on each side of the shields guards. Your fifth is on that shield console, but they can help with one of the side guards from a distance. Everyone rush back and hit the captain, it works 100%, there is always enough time. The problems happen when someone doesn't cover one of the sides and it eats your timer away while people chase them down.

Bugs - I've had the issues where 40+ sabs get their count reset to 39, which limits you to 54 marks... the same as 18 freighters? Doesn't seem to be a coincidence there, though we have done 20 freighters, and this is more difficult to get a good team in.

I've seen where engineers somehow kill Saboteurs in phase 2 but they don't get credit for a kill, I don't know what they are doing but some people have done it twice in a row and I've seen it. This obviously makes phase 2 go the full length of time while everyone waits.

Killing the first round of guards in phase 3 before the timer starts makes the mission impossible to beat. People use snipers to pull them or spawned guards, shards, or drones will pull the agro to the room as well.

Stealth is completely broken the minute any enemy has agro, its a bad game mechanic. One person can agro by proximity, which will set the enemy off on a random team mate way across the map, even if they are cloaked. The number of times enemies have come charging to me from across the map while I'm cloaked is ridiculous.

Changes - I'd like to see a shield go up from exiting the room on phase 3 until everyone has respawned or say 1 minute goes by.. incase you have a griefer. Right now my red alert can't even stop before someone rushes out, and I can't change kits.
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Nice to see people throwing in their thoughts and own tactics, this was my desire for this thread.

I've not been able to keep up with it since I posted it and I'm glad to see people posting tips. I do apologise if the guide does sound like "do it my way". I've not had any previous experience writing guides and only wanted to share how I do it, and how I've seen others do it in the groups I get.

Also, this is from a Fed viewpoint, I didn't know about the KDF and the turrets. And they do die relatively fast, 2 shots with a good weapon is usually enough so feel free to blow one up when you run past it. But I'd still recommend that you don't go seeking them on purpose as the main reason you're in there is to get Fleet Marks.

I tried to write the guide to give the basics so thanks to those who've added tips for specific classes. I'm a Tac myself and to be honest I've never used the Operative kit so I think I'll be getting one right now. And the tips for Sci and Eng will come in very handy for my other chars.

On the point of the Flashlight, I've seen mention that it's not effective on lower end cards, I'm running on a Nvidia 560GT with the graphics on max and I've noticed that when I've forgotten to activate my flashlight, I can run straight past a saboteur if they're in an alcove or darkened corner, they blend in well. But then again, that could just be me being blind.

So obviously feel free to take what tips you want and make them work for you and to leave what tips don't. We're not the Borg, we're not all cookie cutter characters, you play you're own way.

Keep up the good work guys, hopefully we'll be able to get everybody up to speed with this mission and be churning out max results every time. After all, we all want shiney starbases.
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We had a minor dispute during an incursion today, with someone who said that the timer for phase 3 now starts when the video begins, and that he confirmed it with his fleet last week.

Can anyone verify whether this has changed, or does the timer still begin as you go through the door?
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09-12-2012, 04:28 PM
Is there a point difference for killing the Sab's as opposed to beaming them up?

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