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09-13-2012, 10:52 AM
Originally Posted by sirsitsalot View Post
The JJ-verse alters NOTHING. The JJ-verse is as much a parallel reality as the Mirror universe we all apparantly love so much that DS9 has at least one crossover episode per year and ENTERPRISE used two episodes from ONLY the perspective of the Mirror characters to not only explain the origin of the Terran Empire, but to also tie up a major loose end from TOS, as in where the Constitution-class Defiant disappeared to.

But to stay on track with your thread, I agree with you. Star Trek has almost been anti-family in terms of portraying any sort of real commitment to relationships with either a spouse or with children. So DS9 was refreshing to see the family element play out.
I'm aware that it doesn't eliminate the original.

It does feature an altered dynamic and likely the only one we'll see Kirk in again.

So while it's a NEW timeline, I think it's fair to say that they changed their version of Kirk pretty dramatically for it.

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