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Hi all. The number of fleets on STO is a bit overwhelming, and most fleets are not really up my alley. I was hoping someone could direct me to some fleets that might be a good fit.

I'm a casual player, 30ish, not terribly comfortable socializing in large groups, and for whom real life always comes first.

One of the things I especially like about STO is that the endgame content is accessible to someone like me who normally doesn't have a group of friends to team with or access to guild resources, but for all that, I'd like to experience the game content more fully and it would be nice to have company while I'm tooling around the galaxy.

I've solo'd several MMOs through to the end, and typically when you reach the maximum level, if you aren't in a guild there's nothing more you can do. This can be frustrating, as there is usually a lot more content (even a disproportionate amount of content) wrapped up in the "Endgame." I usually wait until then to join a guild(at this point I have a 50 Fed and a 50 KDF), and I've had a variety of experiences doing so, most of them not ultimately workable.

My best experience joining a guild was a tiny group on Age of Conan (I wish I could remember what they were called), not long after its release. Instead being put through boot camp about what other people had already researched and quantified about how to flawlessly manipulate the game content, we discovered the endgame content together, armed with nothing more than what the previous content had prepared us for, our wits, and our ability to work together. I realize, of course, that this experience can't be recreated -- one would be hard pressed, I think, to find a fleet on STO filled with people who didn't already know exactly how everything works (even I have already gained experience doing STFs and things), and tiny fleets don't make enough waves for many people to be aware of them in order to make the suggestion. But maybe this helps clarify what I'm looking for.

I'm a bit of a Trekkie, so I prefer Trek-themed fleets, but I'm flexible. I have been a roleplayer of some distinction (supposedly ) in a wholly different medium, so I'm comfortable with RP fleets but not really planning to RP on STO myself. LGBT-friendliness (though not necessarily -themedness) is probably a necessity.

Any enlightment one could offer would be appreciated.

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