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# 1 Sci abilities listed
09-13-2012, 04:13 PM
List of sci boff abilities and how they fail:
Edited in yellow

Sci Team
- needs to cleard debuffs for 10 seconds like TT. Seems to be disputed.

Transfer Shield Strength
- Is OK

Hazard Emitters
- Clears too many debuffs. Including E-siphon, tykens... should only clear applied debuffs (plasma fire, acetone etc), not location debuffs (like siphon, tykens)

Tractor Beam
- Ok as ship ability Higher levels should hold better. )"as ship ability" means not ok as pet/mine ability)

Tractor Beam Repulsors
- Is OK

Polarize Hull
- A bit weak, slight movement resistance increase needed

Tachyon Beam
- Useless due to resists in PvP, and insane shield cap in PvE. Needs to be buffed 400%. To clarify: against a NPC or a player with resists, this 10 sec ability will drain 10% of their shields. fixing resists would help in pvp, but raising efficiency would help both PvE and PvP

Charged Particle Burst
- Same as Tachyon beam

Photonic Shockwave
- Needs to get range and damage slightly increased. And stun properly! Damage should be tied to aux power (?)

Photonic Officer
- Needs to be made a lot more effective.

Gravety Well
- Pulls too weak, damages too little

Tykens Rift
- Too weak as normal, too strong when the doff proc gives 2 or 3 stacking rifts

Jam Sensors
- Basically useless. Needs remake.

Scramble Sensors
- Too expensive to make it work well. Needs a little buff.
- Crap in PvE, as all the good NPCs are immune

Energy Siphon
- Needs a little buff

- Too weak without tac captain buffs, too strong with them.

Mask Energy Signature
- Works ok?

Viral Matrix
- Ok for pvp at the moment for three reasons:
1. Doffs make it a lot more potent
2. Is not aux dependant
3. Everything else is worse.
- useless for PvE

Shared cooldowns that make it a lot worse:
- GW and Tykens
- Tykens and ES, You need the combined drain to acomplish anything.
- TSS and FBP, when FBP can be used to your advantage, that's when you really need TSS.
- HE and PH

Feel free to disagree or add comments or suggest changes.

Last edited by dassemsto; 09-14-2012 at 08:21 AM.

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