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(Taken from


2. One of a class of warships of medium tonnage, designed for high speed and long cruising radius.

This is the actual terminology for a "Cruiser". Based on the actual definitions or possible meanings, WHY does the turn-rate of every Cruiser in STO fantastically suck? To term that question better..........

Why can there not be a smaller Cruiser with better turning? NO, I'M
NOT ASKING FOR AN ESCORT. I'm not asking for the ooomph of firepower punch an Escort may bring. Just a smaller Cruiser at T5, better turning, that's all. Think of it as a Galorish type of Cruiser. Another note....WHY does Starfleet keep making insanely huge Cruiser ships? Look at a ship of the Galor's size. It's a nice little ship with a fairly good turning rate. WHY can't Starfleet AKA Devs, design ships that function similar based on that???
Because you fail to understand the basic concept of inertia.

Large mass + high speed = bad turn rate.
Low mass + high speed = hard turns possible.

In naval terms a cruiser is a ship that is heavy enough to be considered a ship of the line (capital ship) that retains the speed and long range of lighter vessels. In the old days of sail they were called Frigates (British classification: 5th rate).

In star trek, a cruiser is a long range vessel that can move at higher warp speeds. It has nothing to do with turn rate.

There are cruisers that turn better than others. Assault Cruisers and Excelsior come to mind. Science ships are also cruisers (though technically STO did fail in this area.. ships like the Intrepid class are cruisers not science vessels). KDF has the flight deck cruisers and raptors (they are cruisers!).

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