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Hi all, while I'm not a PvPer (and don't intend to be one in the near future), I'm posting this thread here because you PvPers clearly are the most competent to answer.

  1. a) What's your opinion on full energy weapon builds on escort-like cruisers? More specifically, I'm talking about the different Vor'cha variants on non-engineering characters. The fact is that while I've been trying different setups like DBBs and/or DHC with or without a torp (always turrets rear), my results were mostly inconsistent across the STFs I'm parsing. That's probably caused by the random nature of the team (and thus the role I end up playing). So I'd like to know if anyone has perhaps tested in a more controlled environment 4 DHC against 3 DHC with a torp, knowing that the 4 turrets in the rear also do drain some energy. Up until now, I've always been running with a torp on frontal arc focused ships to reduce drain and add a little punch to bare hull. But against shielded targets, an additional DHC might come in handy.
    Note: I'm asking mainly because I'd want to settle on the best build on toons that don't have access to the 2 lovely engineering powers that add power (EPS power transfer) and mitigate weapons drain (Nadion inversion).

    b) What about the drain on typical escorts? While a full cannon build makes one ens. ability useless on many ships, would a DBB be better than a torp? A DBB has also the benefit of more abilities available (a target shields subsystem might be useful on an escort).

  2. And lastly, has anyone tested what an effect might autofire on/off have on the drain of energy weapons? I know that energy weapons return the energy they drain right when they end firing, but still, might firing manually make weapons fire more "one after another" (so with potentially more energy for each) than "together"?

Apologies for posting it all together in one thread. I'm just too lazy to start more (and might forget about it, anyway). And also, all of the questions are somewhat related.

Thanks for answering.
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